As you have studied our detailed list of advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce, we believe you will be able to decide whether to start an online business or not. ADVERTISEMENTS: Rural marketing implies applying marketing theory and directing marketing efforts to create and satisfy needs and wants of rural market (customers). Rural contributed about 57 per cent. An important benefit of e-commerce is the scalability factor. One of the main benefits of ecommerce is that it speeds up the buying process. Technology helps to make viable comparisons of the products and their rates and specifications which is not possible in physical outlets hence the use of technology make online portals accurate, effective and efficient in their dealings with their customers. Some companies work on a combination of advance and cash on delivery. "We flipped the question around and said 'what do you want'? Besides buying and selling via the internet it also entails activities like internet banking, online booking of tickets, payment gateways, online gambling, and online auctions. If you are looking for benefits of e-commerce then one of the main ones is its ability to retarget its customers. Vinay was working with a robotics company in Peenya, near Bangalore. Down south, in the village of Kora, about 12 kilometres from Karnataka's Tumkur town, a small shop sells pens, batteries, Airtel and Idea data plans. E-commerce has enabled that reach to become infinite. You do not have to furnish your outlet, no need to pay rent and hire several employees to work in it. But what seems celebratory has a purpose. Demand is generated through subtle nudges. On one hand, they have tied up with the brands. He would also help in providing "test drives for two wheelers and four wheelers". If you are looking for benefits of e-commerce then effective customer service is one of them. Data is also helping Inthree curate catalogues differently for every state. The first thrives because of its branding and the second on the large traffic from search engines. Content: Rural Marketing… The website makes its products more attractive with color options and images so that the customer is tempted to make a purchase. Rekha Balaji, who lives in a house with no furniture, is delivered a Samsung Galaxy J2 smartphone. If you are looking for one of the benefits of ecommerce then it can easily save time and reduce its inventory cost when compared with physical stores. Villagers, however, are often willing to wait because they trust the local retailer. He downsized his workforce to 200 people from 600. It is possible when a customer visits a certain page in a particular time period. This sleepy hamlet farms mostly groundnuts. These are common names here," says Narayanan Hariharan, who heads sales and marketing for Inthree. It is a village spectacle when their photos are clicked with the products delivered. The cost of marketing and promotional strategies is also low. This was done to facilitate the rural population residing in the areas where there is no electricity. Rural consumption appears to be on the rebound as well, in semi-urban and rural parts. "In rural India, branch post masters are contractual employees. Online platforms have paid special attention to the customer services as they want to help the customers in their queries. Now a customer can sit in the privacy of his home and can read the reviews and make a decision according to his needs without asking friends and relatives about the product. That is StoreKing's playground and that of every other rural e-commerce company. Villagers in Tamil Nadu have grown up on dollops of freebies by the state government. Yes, you will need to shed a small amount if you are interested in a customized website but you already have a customer base that is a compulsive online shopper. In October 2016, Connect India, started by Sridhar L.R., a logistics industry veteran, handled close to 0.8 million shipments a month. It has been successful in bringing about both the buyer and seller on a common platform without the services of the middleman. Best Tips to Master Charisma Skills, Etiquette: Meaning, Types, Benefits and Basic Rules. "It is often something like 'Near to the Panchayat office' or 'Near the X temple'. Logistics, however, is just one of the challenges for rural e-commerce when it comes to deep rural, or villages with a population as low as 1,000 people. One influencer it taps is the village post master. It introduces a web-based system through which the website can automate and manage inventory by itself and thus reduce the operating cost. Remittances from family members working in cities play a part - India is the top remittance recipient in the world at $69 billion (`4.5 lakh crore) in 2017, the World Bank reported. A pamphlet stuck on Vinay's shop (and distributed) has his name and photo printed. While Cash on Delivery (COD) revolutionised the way urban India shops online, the rural model is mostly a 'cash upfront' model. One of the fastest emergent retail industries in the world is e-commerce that is expected to hit figures of more than 4 trillion US Dollars by the year 2020. She cooks in open air; a wood fired oven is preparing lunch. The online portal offers features and facilities that automate several responsibilities. The village has 440 households and about 2,000 live here. In a physical outlet if there is a surge of customers it becomes very difficult to handle them as you have a limited staff. Early stage fund Aavishkaar pumped `60 crore into Connect India while Inthree, recently, closed a $4 million (`26 crore) series A round. The customer base is every business’s main concern, online or off. Traditionally, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and consumer product companies appointed distributors in bigger towns and expected them to reach out to surrounding villages or find retailers. The online websites also include the ratings and the customer feedback which tell the customers about the likeability of a product in the market. The collaterals pumped by the companies, of course, help. The answer is surprisingly homogeneous. Data crunching at Shopclues suggested that people in the disposable income bracket of `3-7 lakh prefer selection more than pricing. The firm ended 2017/18 with revenues of `23 crore and expects to grow 100 per cent this year. What is Amazon's Sales Rank and Why is it Important? You can call it any time of the day and night as it is open 24*7. His conclusion: India has access to money. A camel cart, loaded with cement, makes its way down a narrow road in the village of Talwana, in Rajasthan's Alwar district. With the internet marketing advantages, you do not face restriction with opening hours. "He can't come and buy it in bulk, load it on a truck and take to the village. One of the benefits of ecommerce is that the traders can keep a direct and indirect eye on the behavior of its customers and customize its offerings to suit their individuality. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 Marketing91 All Rights Reserved, 17 Benefits Of Ecommerce to An Organization, Advantage and Disadvantages of selling on E-commerce portals, 6 challenges of selling your products on Snapdeal. How do Vinay and Pradeep generate demand for their companies? The company has now introduced FMCG and agri products. "Kiranas only stock what they feel is necessary, not what the consumer needs. Deliveries in villages, unlike cities or towns, are complicated affairs. Dissecting the pie is a bit of a wild goose chase. You can sell a product to one or thousands of customers at the same time without any problem. But I wanted to pull," says Madan Padaki, Co-founder of the company. Advantages of E-commerce. Inthree also employs other tact to generate demand. That presents a huge opportunity for e-commerce businesses, but online sales pose some unique challenges that brick-and-mortar shops don’t. "The consumer is expected to walk up to the retailer and buy which could be 20 km or higher. By 2017, e-commerce sales are estimated to reach $434 billion in the US alone. Sridhar Gundaiah of StoreKing is from the village of Hanchipura, about 100 km from Bangalore.


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