�[�#i/O���ёk��U�|�P}��ʌ�7�%��|;N�>��_q�|�m6���/sM��>�N@#@+E�'3�{"��o�c�4Ʉ/tdI�4�{�����)4���b��ǒN�`�"��Z_ȶ�]g�j���D0ěG� ;���5�Ch��L�[x����O�?�^DV�Ɍ�9��� V.;c=) ��W���*ԗT-����x�t!�s�=jD��^.�ͤ�yJ%�u�Q�ϓL?4b0��ܤAc�(���c�8�W����v�#��jM���^ ü� A101 adopts by reference, and is designed for use with, AIA Document A201™–2017, General Conditions of the Contract for Construction. The Owner’s representative serves as the Owner’s authorized representative on the project and at the worksite. Typically, there will be more than one prime contractor on these types of projects. Agreement between an Owner and a Construction Manager acting as an independent contractor, who serves as the Owner’s authorized representative for a specific project. Both private owners and public-sector awarding authorities are retaining project advisors to supplement their internal manageme… �7���!�@i�t�3��mZ]F.�XL}�e�:˪���j4����@Y:`���5D^��=�!6����z�Dx���H�Jbp�tK�#��2��x�?��H!K>�ͳV��+?����f�D�̃����,�窲VG)�V��M�F�R�g� |jc��ҳ�tQIr��Ln�w]�c{��w��p�m6�6�q�� 5 �zN��gc`bdx���HM�?c�� ��5 The extent of the Engineer’s authority and responsibility during construction is described in AIA Document A201-2007 as modified by Owner and attached as Exhibit B and �U�@�91u�L!�~Ms�����I�q�y�D| � @�l���m����iQ�ZR��r �C\�"s���)�O�wϩN�k��{.P/���I���+���Fp������(����5q��2�� ���pwgPL,�>�y���g�vlA��y�2�u�K(�y�a��%k�ib#㩺W��͗�rw�����bd�����t�i+Z!�F�6��>Y��Ƌ����4������(�`1���J#��(����Tό%Ĥv��r�'��j���(U�� ���;�k�֍֋K���A��9�2,@o � +b���$LߢD����!=#�i�1|��/5(��>d5��`c�|��57A.��^��3j��)���l��J���W0�{��6���Կn���g[�0G�ЫF�g�W�a�}m���۶d+[2GMP7���=O!����̩��^�� ��~�S��Q����dm1�?jFc�����Y��&̫����~ŭ]���F�~6���}5�݀KJ�D�Sl�F͉��dC�QVKl���b���?#]��s>. 0 %PDF-1.6 %���� Both parties, however, recognize that the Initial The identification of the owner’s representative and the agent or broker is for information only, since they are not parties to the bond agreement. 2��|z�X�S�7t� w���l�)/P -1340/R 4/StmF/StdCF/StrF/StdCF/U({���$29R���iZ )/V 4>> endobj 97 0 obj <> endobj 98 0 obj <> endobj 99 0 obj <>stream During the Construction Phase, the Engineer shall act as the Owner’s representative and provide administration of the Contract between the Owner and Contractor. AIA Document A132–2019 is a standard form of agreement between Owner and Contractor for use in projects where, in addition to the Contractor and Architect, a separate Construction Manager assists the Owner in an advisory capacity during design and construction. endstream endobj startxref 95 0 obj <> endobj Vt)@H�k��FtR0G�B|��cH���%���Y�~���=$Y4-�n��N3z�wܰ�3�P��]�N�uXl��%�@}�^msmK�L���l�ɝG!,B�'y�M2o:��6͎�'�%[�e��1Q��63�aT%�p���u �TNC��%�1�#ݾ/-��C�te�����0o���`Pcˏ���$���a���V���|�]�P��O� A132–2019 may be used on construction management projects where the basis of payment is a stipulated sum (fixed price) or cost of the work plus a fee, wit… G715–2017, Supplemental Attachment for ACORD Certificate of Insurance 25 Construction Contract. The reasons for increased use of third-party owner’s representatives are likely driven by a combination of the growing technical complexity and economic risk associated with modern construction projects, the evolution of new and more complex project delivery methods, and increased specialization of design professionals who have historically served the role of owner’s representative. G701–2017 , Change Order AIA Document G701™-2017 is used for implementing changes in the work agreed to by the owner, contractor, and architect. �e��å [�k Q���d����G��k�U�QpQ9��mo��s�7�a��H���.��[��)'�����|�O��E�ݣk�l����V~���U�Zo^(�V�AX�4�)W²!�e���b?E���R�LR���&����Ɩ %%EOF 109 0 obj <>/Encrypt 96 0 R/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<67840BC2FC8FE4ED4BD2AE7950C709D5><66915F61DF296245A9A54E8606FFA0E0>]/Index[95 33]/Info 94 0 R/Length 75/Prev 196940/Root 97 0 R/Size 128/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream In addition, A101 is drafted to ��̕����l5����~����O�4����*���Z�jElj&��~�A��z�q9u�hes��51�"ևԒq5�d�f���h���f�R�b3����f_j7�R0�#u�����e���dHG�� �Ӿ�"7���n�����s���@K21���)���y�^9ظR0 4�Ԩ���[S��W�� dMGӳ��†״�X4�A�u[�w�m(II3v��lb����+�6�h*��d��k��?Eh!�ސZp2��Ñ`V#n?��V���q �P���K�Y�4�/�4`ih�R��$_�N`m���8K�Hy�?�R��`�'�w6��`�ۡy����dU=e>�8�nkiZ�R~��������Y��6�o��X�F�,��nF�W�)��LrYЧ&=�8SD�r�H�RJ� F�U�eP@j��ەu�?K�77 ���0�.ǽ-F>!��\0 )��.����e�� ��9u�ʼn�!�[������+�ytTH�Z0U�גf8���D�G����B03ZY�,̌$n8�S@jm�%�5 ��� To report copyright violations of AIA Contract Documents, e-mail The American Institute of Architects’ legal counsel, copyright@aia.org. 5 § 1.2 The Owner and Architect may rely on the Initial Information. § 1.4.4 The persons or entities, in addition to the Owner’s representative, who are required to review and approve the Program Manager’s submittals to the Owner are as follows: ... copyright violations of AIA Contract Documents, e-mail The American Institute of Architects’ legal counsel, copyright@aia.org. Q ѡ��R�ho�{��D��)��ݬ�w�n f �x�c�r!�� p�,lZ�Ig~g+<5Cy�U�-����~�t&'�8 AIA Document A101™–2017 is a standard form of agreement between owner and contractor for use where the basis of payment is a stipulated sum (fixed price). AIA Document G612™-2017 is a questionnaire, drafted to elicit information from the owner regarding the nature of the construction contract.


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