Are you sure you want to mark this comment as inappropriate? Accessed 7/21/2014 from:, (11) A.I. Shoppers who pay a premium for organic milk are being duped, say campaigners, after the Soil Association refused to suspend an approved dairy farm where distressed calves were filmed being brutally force-fed and hit by a worker. With all the new humane labels and certifications portraying farmers who genuinely care about the cows and calves they use, what does the best case scenario really look like? Animals Eat Other Animals, So Why Shouldn’t We? Keeping animals outdoors, outside of the growing season, on a sacrifice pasture (or similar). Malignancies typical for affluent societies are cancers of the breast, colon/rectum, uterus (endometrial carcinoma), gallbladder, kidney and adenocarcinoma of the oesophagus.” —. But what about the so-called humane dairy alternatives? To be part of bringing a suite of products to consumers carrying the Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW seal – where they can make a positive choice – is particularly special.”, Find out more about Truly Grass Fed™ products on The various practices recorded also breached the Welfare of Farmed Animals (England) Regulations 2007 as well as guidelines from the environment department (Defra) and the RSPCA. PP B1 Welfare of bobby calves destined for slaughter. Glanbia Ireland is striving to make Truly Grass Fed™ the Gold Standard of dairy. Chicago Activists Wake Up Health Commissioner with Home and... Help Ban Dairy As a Health Food in US Dietary Guidelines. Are you sure you want to delete this comment? Retrieved 12/5/2014 from:, (3) “Colostrum Feeding and Management on U.S. The workers’ rough handling of calves and hitting them breaks the Animal Welfare Act 2006, “causing unnecessary suffering”, Animal Equality said. For more than two decades, we have worked with the industry and respected experts to better understand and improve performance on issues associated with animal welfare at slaughter. “It illustrates the fundamental problem with dairy farming: calves are denied their own mother’s milk – and the act of suckling from their mothers – so that the cow’s milk can be sold.”, It is totally unacceptable for staff on an RSPCA Assured certified farm – or any farm – to treat calves and cows this way, “When we show people footage from typical, intensive farms, many viewers say ‘I only buy organic meat so they have a good life.’. Consider these facts: As science increasingly challenges long-standing nutritional claims about cow’s milk, manufacturer’s have responded with a host of alternatives—from soy to almond, rice, hemp and coconut—with new types of non-dairy milk cropping up all the time. Chicken Behavior: An Overview of Recent Science, Eating Animals: Addressing Our Most Common Justifications, Motherhood Led Me to Quit Dairy Farming Forever, An excerpt from Nisha Kumar's speech at Free from Harm's Rally Against Dairy Chicago, Free from Harm’s June 10 Rally at Fairlife Milk Headquarters, Free from Harm’s June 17 Rally at Fairlife Milk Headquarters. Find out about the lives of cows and their calves. Animals raised outdoors on pasture. Measuring real change in partnership to benefit soil, water, air, biodiversity, infrastructure, animal welfare and social responsibility. Journal of Dairy Science 74 (3): 1092-100, (6) “Treatments for Dairy Cattle.” Do you source milk from farms that are allowing more contact between cow and calf. Dairy Goat Standards (pdf) The Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW (AWA) seal is a hard earned badge of difference and demonstrates the farmer’s commitment to the care of their animals, the land and the local community.


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