The final sheet has more traditional Chinese pigments that were bought as pellets many years ago in Hong Kong. There is only the slightest loss of brightness in the original though so far. And here’s some reviews showing swatches of all colors, and the admittedly dandy palette box: The yellow has also faded out of what was a green on the left. The paint is decent. Art Philosophy®, a division of Prima, is a fine-art focused brand bringing fine watercolor and art products to everyday artists. On the bottom row, Prussian blue PB27 has faded, as noted after the 2 month and 7 month scans. To be fair, it was exposed in very extreme conditions - no one puts watercolours outdoors - but it had changed after only two months while inside, so it is definitely one to watch. Lovely colour, not to be confused with Opera pink or Opera rose, which is fugitive. After years now of asking Prima what the pigment compositions of their Watercolor Confections watercolours are, they have provided them for me and I thought I would share them and my thoughts. Our DT, Art Alchemy – Impasto Paint (Heavy Body Acrylic Paint), Art Alchemy – Opal Magic & Antique Brilliance Wax, Art Basics – Heavy Gesso White, Black, Clear, Art Extravagance – Crackle Paste, Texture Paste, Art Extravagance – Rust Paste, Stone Effect Paste, Patina Effect Paste, Art Extravagance – Sculpture Medium, Clear, Art Extravagance – Sculpture Medium, Neutral Beige, Art Ingredients – Art Stones, Mini Art Stone, Mega Art Stones, 3D Powder Fine. He has a 36 colour wheel where the paints stated from various manufacturers do line up as "best fit"complementaries.He even has colour pencils as well on his site. I’m not one to start selling my paintings. LIQUID "Watercolor" and "Watercolor" Brush Markers or Pencils: It's important to note that many water soluble art supplies have the word "watercolor" on the package. She will be live at no, New Effect Pastes! About Prima Marketing, I e-mailed them a while ago and asked them about lightfastness of their watercolour pencils, but they have not answered. These are largely unknown Japanese pigments bought in Tokyo as a fun set for sketchbook work couple of years ago. But then we shouldn’t have problem with the colours but with any company that lies on such matters. Thanks Jane. You never know…anyway, have fun and do report back! It’s a shame to not use such beautiful colors like sleeping beauty turquoise. [FONT=Garamond]“Creativity takes courage.” [FONT=Garamond] Thanks for the warning on the Prussian blue and the sleeping beauty turquoise. It looks like they are designed for the scrapbooking and journaling market, rather than for “serious” watercolorists, but I don’t care about the marketing if I like the products. I suppose it couldn’t hurt to try to contact the company to see if there’s any documentation on the paints. I think I had better do my own testing. Note: only a member of this blog may post a comment. I have posted in detail about Ultramarine as a primary Blue . Prima Marketing® is also home to a variety of other brands that encompass a wide variety of arts and decor styles. I have The Classics set of these paints and I am not impressed. It depends on the pigments. The bottom row of sheet 2 also looks fine. You can mix a Prussian blue hue with Phthalo Blue GS and a little of a warm red. You can use them to make sketches of preliminary plans.. there is no particular reason to waste your artist’s grade, and definitely more expensive colours on your sketches. Fortunately they inform us about pigments used. The vermilion is fine but the alizarin crimson has also faded. If you keep this in mind the rest ( earths, the most commonly used blues, yellows, convenience greens and grays/blacks) will be rather impossible to have problem, ( and never inside sketchbooks/ colour books etc). Did you ever try testing them after putting a gloss over them? Maybe I will make him a paintbox , using a small cigar tin and fill it with these pans, so he has a paintbox of his own. Hi Jane....what do you think about Daniel Smith Opera, SB turq and Prussian behind UV glass? I won’t be using them at all, but I will be using the box. UPDATED TUE 10th APRIL 2018 - Prima have given me some more information - see the comments below in RED. While there are many artists who do not have a green in their palette, I am not one of them! Sorry meant to give you the link to that other website Vivianite has lost some more of its 'blue' hue. I just sketch and paint with them. They do wet from the pans ok if misted first but the colors look to me like they are rather opaque and have fillers. My hairdresser has a little boy who is crazy about art and painting so I will give them to her so her son can have fun with them. Rhodonite has continued to dull, but so has the sample that was in a draw unexposed to light as apparently it is exposure to oxygen that changes the colour of rhodonite. I looked at the Prima Watercolor Confections sets so many times and told myself no. I can see no changes in any of the samples in the first row. You mentioned handprint by Bruce MacEvoy which is a great site.I have also come across one called where they list all pigments with their ratings and even which manufacturer makes them as oils, w/c, acrylic etc. Many, many more than for watercolour which already has a lot! Other coupon codes will not stack together with these discounts. Glass can act as a bit of a protection, especially UV glass. The burnt sienna must have had some gamboge in it as well, which has faded leaving an indian red hue. Marialena, my point was that if no information of pigments is available any colour can be fugitive. Home › Forums › Explore Media › Watercolor › The Learning Zone › Prima Watercolor Confections — Has anyone tried them? I have done other tests of my palette colours and they are all fine. If anyone has used them, I hope you will post a review here — I just placed my Amazon order so there is still time to cancel if they are truly awful. You can also find me on Facebook at Jane Blundell Artist, and on Instagram as Janeblundellart. In any case colours fade when they are exposed to light and air something that is not the case when you colouring sketch or other books. It was just an example that there are fugitive blue, yellow etc pigments. Maybe I’m wrong, but that #2 looks as if it can’t *possibly* be lightfast. Prima has created magic since the founding of our company. This typically only means that they can be used like watercolors, not that they are made from the same lightfast quality pigments that most watercolor paints. Prima Watercolor Confections — Has anyone tried them? The paint boxes however are worth the money, in my opinion. I’m sure that by time they will understand that giving information about the pigments and the light fastness of the paints is something that is important for most of their customers and they will adjust on that matter. And did I mention the cute little tins? Most of St. Petersburg watercolours are just fine though this brand, as many other brands, include in their colour range some colours that are not lightfast and they are fugitive anyway. Never store your sketchbooks on open shelves and never upright like books. It’s impossible to comment on the lightfastness without any pigment information, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up about it. Instagram |YouTube. After years now of asking Prima what the pigment compositions of their Watercolor Confections watercolours are, they have provided them for me and I thought I would share them and my thoughts. I couldn't see any change in the bottom row of the first sheet. It also lists any quirks the pigment may have.I think the Primateks may have been rushed out onto the market a bit too quickly. MON-FRI: 8:30AM - 5:30PM PST


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