Messages: 4,235 Likes Received: 3,371 Location: Lancashire. Delicious. At its best, it has a slightly nutty taste. Wines made from a blend of red grapes are usually medium-bodied and well-balanced. With their fruit, herb, and spice flavors, red blends work well with smoked or sharp cheese because all the flavors become enhanced significantly. Red Leicester is a cow's milk cheese, originally from Leicestershire, England, and is named after the city of Leicester. At Taw Valley, they refer to this cheese simply as "The Red One." Red Leicester a brilliant farmhouse cheese, and is beyond compare grilled on toast with Worcestershire sauce. An appropriate name for sure, this award-winning cheese will quickly become a family favorite. The taste complements fruit, pasta, and crackers and is often used in tarts or quiches. Mortimer Very Active. All the shires, all in my mouth. The red-orange color comes from the use of annotto. A 1790 report prized them above the newer cheese, Stilton, although Stilton itself had more national recognition. Red Fox Cheese by Belton Farm (5 Lb Block) Red Leicester Aldi Emporium Selection Advent Cheese Calendar Imported Cheese Advent Calendar - 24 Festive Mini Cheeses 3.8 out of 5 stars 58 Red Leicester makes the best cheese on toast foxtrott, Dec 8, 2019 #2. garyjm, Kev The Fish, Dr B and 5 others like this. Use on your cheeseboard or in sauces or as a salad addition. All the shires, all in my mouth. In the south of the county, some villages were locally famous for the quality of their cheese. Proper, aged, Red Leicester is good with a strong nutty flavour, but the plastic-wrapped stuff not so good. Red Leicester cheese is produced in the U.K.. A perfect cheese for snacking, Red Leicester is also at home in sandwiches, hot or cold. The History of Red Leicester Cheese. Red blend wine tends to work well with all meal options because it is considered well-rounded. Red Blend and Sharp or Smoked Cheese. This slightly crumbly cow's milk cheese is named after Leicester, U.K. The cheese can be used whenever cheddar is called for whether it be for its color or rich melting properties. 8. Syrah/Shiraz and Aged Cheese … Delicious. I believe RL has the highest fat content of the traditional British cheeses. igourmet's Mature Red Leicester is produced for us by Taw Valley creamery, the maker's of Tickler's Cheddar. It has a firm texture, which makes it suitable for grating, and it is a good choice for use in cheese on toast or with a baked potato. Leicestershire established its cheese making independence from the Cheshire-producing counties, sometime before the 1700's.


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