With a surprising atmosphere and a well-constructed narrative, Nier: Automata takes place in an already semi-ruined Earth, with intense battles between humans and aliens using robots and androids. If you are familiar with the anime, your jaw will drop to the floor; Dragon Ball FigtherZ has the best TV-to-game graphics that stick to its character authenticity with sharp and bright effects of action sequences, audio, energy attacks and beautifully drawn backgrounds. Along with his son, who needs to be initiated into his warrior training, Kratos must survive, whatever the cost. 11-03, Zeus, the second encounter. Infinity Blade 3 The game has multiple modes that allow you to create your own funky character, battle in online private matches and even compete in events. Uncharted 4 could enter the commonplace of action games, but the action blends well with the narrative, giving an idea of ​​solid adventure. The best cross-over PS4 fighting game includes characters such as Hellboy, Sub-Zero, Superman and other surprise cameos. This new reincarnation of the franchise mixes elements of the open world, shooting and tricky places to escape. Alex Williams is an experienced tech writer with an interest in wearable technologies. Best for Mature Audiences: Mortal Kombat XL, Best for Cross-Overs: Injustice 2: Legendary Edition, The 9 Best Classic Video Games on Xbox Live Arcade, The 8 Best Nintendo Switch Digital Download Games. Doom has returned to its origins! Gameplay is accessible to both new and casual gamers with a control scheme that replicates older familiar fighting games without the overload of excessive button combos to pull off attacks. To see more shooting games, see our top 10 Playstation 4 shooting games! More subtle in feints and using the realistic martial techniques typical of the game, Tekken provides good hours of intense fighting, both in solo mode and in online fights. With one of the best narratives in the franchise, Kratos ‘adventures in Midgard, with their fearsome monsters and Vikings are a sublime adventure with the perfect balance between the characters’ narrative and epic combat. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without using them to get the most out of the playable experience, although you […], Free mobile application that allows you to register and locate Pokémon in the real world, offering a gaming experience that goes “beyond the screen” and that includes, for “dedicated trainers”, the possibility of getting a wrist device that It connects to the app via Bluetooth and it vibrates and lights up when there are creatures […], Your email address will not be published. By adding RPG elements that allow you to improve and customize your character to the great fighting mechanics, the creators have achieved a balanced and solid game. In Doom, you shoot at enemies and dodge enemy attacks, all at incredible speed, without pause, without pity or pity. Titantfall 2 is much better than the first title in the franchise, especially for the gamer who appreciates futuristic war and shooting machinery. Mortal Kombat XL’s expansive, single-player mode comes with both a plot-driven story campaign with entertaining voice acting, as well as an end challenge series mode that’ll test your abilities of combos, special moves, blocking and how you anticipate attacks. EA Sports UFC 2 will allow you to, and you can choose one of over 250 fighters, including Ronda Rousey or even make your self in the game’s character creation mode. By controlling the protagonist Aloy, you can become a fierce hunter who uses futuristic bows and arrows while looking for relics from the ancient world. J-Stars Victory Vs+ isn’t your traditional, 2D fighter game, but instead features gameplay where fighters move around in a 3D battlefield based off settings from each anime series. If you want to fly a giant robot and battle in space, Gundam Versus has you covered. The game excels for the originality of its scenarios and enemies, as well as the combat mechanics. Despite being an RPG, there is a little bit of everything, for all tastes: big battles, shooting, missions where being silent is the best and even extensive dialogues. With that out of the way, here are 14 Best Sword Fighting Games That Will Test Your Skills. The mixed martial arts fighting game follows the rules of the real UFC as players fight using a variety of attacks from kicks, punches, submissions and takedowns, as well as incorporate a defense strategy of blocks and parries in order to defeat opponents.


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