A bit over 6 bicarbonate ion takes over, and reigns up to pH a bit over 10, from where fully ionized carbonate ion takes over. To learn more, visit our Earning Credit Page. At one atmosphere of pressure, pure C02 gas over distilled water will produce a solution that would have a pH near 3.6. carbon dioxide, carbonic acid, bicarbonate and carbonate ions, are referred to as dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC). To summarize carbonate and bicarbonate, if a spring is from limestone or some other very calcareous rock, the water will be heavily charged with calcium bicarbonate. Carbonates and bicarbonates find their way into household things to metallurgical processes and even biological reactions. Many processes in the body are affected by pH, so all living organisms, including humans, have evolved homeostatic mechanisms that resist changes in pH. But group-2 carbonates are soluble in a solution of CO2 due to formation of HCO3-. When carbon dioxide mixes with the water it is partially converted into carbonic acid, hydrogen ions (H+), bicarbonate (HCO3–), and carbonate ions (CO32–). 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