Borage seed oil is highly beneficial for skin, hair and nails, and it’s also great for massage. Borage Oil Benefits for Hair 1. It helps to treat scalp inflammation, alleviate dandruff, and revitalizes dull hair. One of the more powerful demonstrations of the benefits to the skin of topically applied Borage Oil is a clinical study done on 48 infants suffering from severe infantile seborrhoeic dermatitis, a common condition in infants known as "cradle cap". In fact, it’s one in all the foremost well-researched benefits of borage oil for skin. Borage seed oil is natural plant seed oil that is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and the richest known source of the essential fatty acid GLA (gamma-linolenic acid). Want healthy skin, hair and nails? Arthritis is an inflammatory situation, where pain or stiffness in the joints is encountered. 14 This condition is characterized by dry scales and crusts on the scalp, eyelids, face, armpits, breast, and groin. But it is suggested that you absorb the benefits of borage oil or seeds as it can work wonders for your skin or hair. Both inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions were improved, as well as overall acne severity. The GLA group was given a twice daily dosage of a borage oil supplement. DIY Dandruff Oil. Arthritis . Omega-6 helps to promote healthy hair and skin. If suffering from a dry, itchy scalp, borage seed oil will replenish it. Borage oil contains GLA, and the borage gets into the hair and coats the hair. You'll also see borage oil included in skin creams and other beauty products.   It's important to remember that these supplements and products are not regulated the same way that medications are regulated. Try taking the essential fatty acid gamma linolenic acid (GLA). Perfect GLA Profile. The supplemental use of the borage oil for acne over the 10 week trial seem to show significant improvement. Borage seed oil and your hair. Because of these properties, it can be used to treat inflammation on the scalp, eczema, and dry scalp. 1. 7 Borage Oil Benefits. In addition to this, it has a host of other benefits and let us depict them in details. Supplies Anti-Inflammatory Properties. Borage oil, taken internally and used locally, has been used to improve inflammatory skin conditions, as well as dermatitis, psoriasis, skin disorder and even inflammatory disease. GLA is converted into properties that have anti-inflammatory effects. Borage seed oil is one of the most ideal oils for hair with a very high GLA profile. 1. Borage oil supplements are widely sold online and in health food stores.


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