4. CleaningOilingHow to care and maintenance (Video FAQs) Remove the bobbin and make sure the bobbin is threaded properly in the shuttle race. Why is the thread loose on top of the fabric. Make sure that thread are insert between the tension discs correct. 5. Check that the upper thread tension is not too tight. Error Message on Machine's Display Follow the instructions below if your machine is not making a stitch. Error Message on Machine's Display. If the bobbin thread is visible from the top side of the fabric, the upper thread is too tight. The lower thread is visible from the upper side of the fabric. 5. Get a FREE 6-month extended warranty, FREE shipping and more! Troubleshooting your Brother sewing machine is not difficult. If the upper threading and lower threading are incorrect, the thread tension cannot be adjusted correctly, even by turning the thread tension dial. Jodi says. Others. Getting ReadyEmbroideringOperationMaintenanceOne Point AdviceGeneral InformationInstructional videosPreparationOperationError messagesMaintenanceGeneral ProblemOthers, Upper ThreadingBobbin (Winding/Installing)ThreadingNeedle/Thread/FabricBefore EmbroideringHow to use (Video FAQs)Others Turning the screw too much or providing force in either (rotational) direction may cause damage to the bobbin case. Got a question? When threading the machine, make sure the thread from the top spool is coming off from the front of the spool going to the left. Operation (Video)Maintenance (Video)Embroidering (Video)Sewing (Video)Preparation (Video) Embrodery patternsEmbroidery dataPresser footNeedle/ThreadFabric/StabilizerEmbrodery frameTips for embroideringHow to use (Video FAQs) If the upper threading and lower threading are incorrect, the thread tension cannot be adjusted correctly, even by turning the thread tension dial. 3. Remove the bobbin and make sure the bobbin is … Turn the thread tension dial to select an appropriate thread tension. Go to the Top page in the FAQs & Troubleshooting section. The combination of the needle size, thread size and fabric is incorrect. 3. Reply. So you have a sewing machine, you took a class or had a friend show you how to use it, but the first time you try to use it on your own, the stitches came out all wonky. The tension dial should be set between 4-5. 1. Needle/Thread/Fabric Guess I am not too afraid of screwdrivers and brushes to keep them running smoothly. (Example: Denim-size 16 needle and 40-50 heavy-duty threads). General Problem Bobbin (Winding/Installing)Others The sewing machine needle that should be used depends on the type of fabric sewn and the thread thickness. Others Adjust the thread tension until the proper tension is achieved while checking the sewing results with trial sewing. 6. Using a small slotted screwdriver, turn the slotted-head (-) screw to adjust the bobbin case tension. If the upper thread is not threaded correctly or the bobbin is not installed correctly, it may not be possible to set the correct thread tension. The bobbin thread will be visible on the right side (top) of the fabric. If the desired embroidering cannot be achieved after adjusting the tension of the upper thread with the thread tension dial, adjust the tension of the bobbin thread. If this occurs, turn the slotted-head screw (-) counterclockwise, being careful not to over-loosen the screw, approximately 30-45 degrees to decrease bobbin tension. The pressure foot was not raised when threading the machine. Brother Support & Service >. Thank you! When adjusting the bobbin case, be sure to remove the bobbin from the bobbin case.


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