Organisational Behaviour 2. form. 9.4 Principles of Marketing 9.2.1 Meaning of labour relations, Trade Unions and industrial relations. Tips for effective study and revision, How to get top marks in your GCSE Maths Exams: Tactics for success, +44 020 3457 8474 Business Management Waec Syllabus. 8.2.1 Meaning of economic integration 5.3.4 Principles of insurance This will complement your IB Maths course The case study will range between 200 and 250 words and will carry 25 marks, while the other questions will carry equal marks of 15 each. 4.3.1 Meaning and characteristics of 1.3.1 Meaning of Business Environment Section C: answer one out of three extended response questions, based on real-life businesses studied in the classroom and beyond. 4.3.3 Cheques: Class, types, advantages, The IB Business Management course has been updated from 2014, with the first new exams being taken in 2016. 10.2.3 Importance of small businesses in the economy 9.1.2 Functions of human resource management 10.1.2 Role of entrepreneurs Section A: answer one out of two structured questions, including calculations, subdivided into parts, 20 marks. 9.2.2 Functions of Trade Unions disadvantages and ways of avoiding Diploma in Business Administration Syllabus Part 1 Part 2 The four compulsory papers are: Thefour compulsory papers are: 1. orations, Co-operative society) Co-operative society) Company, Public orations, Co-operative society) The paper will therefore carry a total of 70 marks. 2.3.2 Motivation – meaning, intrinsic and IB Business Management covers the main activities of small and large businesses: Welcome to the start of a new school year! (iii) ability to relate the concepts and principles of business management to practical business situations. 3.2 Data and information, meaning, This year, IB Learning Partners will be studying the first year of the Business & Management curriculum. 25 marks, Mark allocation: Paper 1: 35% | Paper 2: 40% | IA: 25% Organizational structure and 8.1 Globalization. administration > Culture: the business’s attitude to decision-making, from employees through to the owners. 10.1.1 Meaning of entrepreneurship Browne, D., Barass, M., Heinemann Education Business W., Dransfield, R and Publishers Studies Needham D. for AS Level, Buckley, M. Brindley, B and Greenwood, M.S, Longman Group Business Studies, Callaghan, P (ed). and Management. ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SMALL BUSINESS PAPER: 1 This will consist of fifty compulsory multiple-choice objective questions which will cover the entire syllabus and will carry 30 marks. (iv) ability to pursue further studies in business management. > Human resource management: making the best use of the people who work within the business, from recruitment through to training; what are the ways to incentivise them, retain and develop them. 9.4.3 Elements of the marketing mix (product, price,promotion and place) 2.3.6 Communication –meaning, Paper 2: 135 minutes, 80 marks 10.1 Entrepreneurship. 2.4.3 Tools for controlling, TOPICS NOTES SW8 3JX 7.2.2 Ways of improving Developing Economies by Government Written commentary based on three to five supporting documents about a real issue or problem facing a particular organization. > Business organisation and environment: why a business chooses to be a certain size and type; how it interacts with the world outside. (Cheques; Bills of exchange; 1. Pinterest. All based on an unseen case study PREAMBLE. 2.1.1 Meaning and importance of planning of planning Section C: answer one compulsory question based on HL extension topics, 20 marks. 9.3.1 Meaning of production and production Management. businesses towards stakeholders. 20 marks. PAPER: 2 It will consist of a compulsory case study question and seven other essay questions, out of which candidates will be expected to answer any three. Non-programmed) decisions. To access the course syllabus, click here. formations/Characteristics, 9.5.2 Meaning of Business Finance. 1.2.1 Meaning of Business Organization Needham, D. and Dransfield, R Stanley Thornes Business Studies, Needle, D International Thomson Business in Business Press Context, Nickels, W.G McHugh, Irwin McGraw-Hill Understanding J.M And McHugh, S.M. 1.3.4 Primary and Secondary stakeholders – 2.2.2 Principles of organizing, 9.4.2 Market segmentation: Meaning and bases. 10.2.2 Procedures in the formation of small businesses 9.5 Electronic Commerce (e -Commerce), 10. and Insurance, 7. INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND PROBLEMS OF DEVELOPING ECONOMIES 1. Editor - December 17, 2019. Development (UNCTAD). and sources of business information This is split into six core concepts: Change, Culture, Ethics, Globalisation, Innovation, Strategy. contracts) Years 1 and 2 consist of six modules per year, three in each semester, worth 20 credits each. Next exams 2016. 1.2.3. 2.2.5 Reasons why managers do not delegate Section A: answer three out of four structured questions, subdivided into parts, 10 marks each. 6.5 Types and items of government Expenditure, 7.1.1 Meaning of trade Company Number: 07679444 Business news is daily. IB Standard Level Business & Management Syllabus . Quantitative Methods 3. 3.4 Applications of computers in Business Take in an interest in what’s happening in the world. 10.2.5 Role of government in promoting small businesses It also covers legal environment of business, information technology, globalization, economic integration and entrepreneurship. 2.2.7 Guidelines for delegation, 2.3.1 Meaning and elements of directing You might focus on a local business like a newsagents or on large corporations like Apple and Google. 2.3.7 The Communication process How to master Maths! You will discover the reasons why Jeff Bezos successfully developed Amazon or Mike Ashley has been under pressure at Sports Direct. > Finance and accounts: measuring the performance of the business, controlling the money in the business and providing financial information to make decisions. Principles of Business Law Research and report on an issue facing an organization or a decision to be made by an organisation (or several organisations). 1.2.2. 9.4.4 Steps in new product development Monday 21 November pm HL/SL paper 1 Paper 1: 75 minutes, 50 marks > Comment on the effectiveness of Ruth Jones’ leadership style at Bygone Clothes. Management, Fardon, M. (ed) Osborne Books Business Studies, Limited. The course duration for the BA (Hons) Business Management is three years, consisting of two semesters per year. responsibilities of Businesses. 2010-2011. It also covers how businesses operate as a whole and their role in society. IB Business Management. Section A: answer one out of two structured questions, including calculations, subdivided into parts, 20 marks.


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