Important questions (considerations) to ask when selecting a cabbage variety: How many days to maturity? Keep it up! ), Why some Zimbabweans in cabbage farming business fail, so that you can avoid their mistakes, Ways to raise capital to start your cabbage farming business in Zimbabwe, Cabbage Farming Business Plan – PDF file (Comprehensive – 78 pages), Cabbage Farming Business Plan – Editable Word File (Comprehensive – 78 pages), Cabbage Farming Business Plan Bank Version – Editable Word File (Short version for applying for a loan – 34 pages), Cabbage Farming Business Plan Automated Financial Statements (Editable Excel file), Cabbage Farming Business Plan Automated Financial Statements. Submitted by moses on April 28, 2019 - 10:58am. Cabbages are a good source of vitamin A and C and therefore protect the body against cancer attacks. �H��I�w`�]� (15,��d�m�R��RY����;�観""Y_�Q�薜E%mb�]z�I�wK����Q`"�,��h5�XW�bm�?>?�[�2$��kZ4�� ��٣\���Y���(�L���d�m|Q��l. We wish you the best in your cabbage farming business. Its a rare commodity in Zimbabwe. i would like to start commercial cabbage production in Zimbabwe this winter. I need a detailed business plan for maize growing this coming season, i want a detailed plans for maize,soya beans and sugar beans Mobile number 0777600566. Click Buy now to purchase using Paypal, MasterCard or VisaCard (PayPal Payment Method Temporarily Unavailable), Click Pay Now to purchase using EcoCash, One Money or TeleCash (ZWL$900). Check out  more business ideas and our collection of business plans. This hybrid variety has a good field holding of up to 20days which gives a farmer the good grace of harvesting window. Manure and chicken litter can also be used but must be well decomposed or composted, otherwise root burn may occur and affect crop growth and yield. h�bbd``b`~$7 �c@�}��D�ɮ�@���j� .H1�;w�`[$X���@�D�� ]Q ��HD.d`b���iH���� � {]_ endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 3112 0 obj <>stream pH levels should be between 5.5 and 6.5, hence soil samples need to be taken for analysis prior to transplanting. What is the level of field holding capacity? Producing cabbage locally create employment directly at farm level, nurseries and indirectly to other value chains. What is the maximum head size and weight? Cabbage delight F1 (80 Days to maturity) He can be contacted on +263 772 413 184/ [email protected], Silas Mutota is Seed Co Regional Sales Manager. There are several different varieties of cabbage cultivars which are used in Zimbabwe. Machinery and equipment needed include tractors, fertilizer spreader equipment, spray equipment, diggers, harvesters, irrigation equipment, scales, bins, boom sprayers, ridgers etc. Most importantly you need the cabbage seed or seedlings. A note from StartupBiz Zimbabwe: Everyday we send business updates via Whatsapp. This is due to the RBZ Financial Intelligence Unit directive which banned publishing of black market rates. This variety has shown good resistance to Black Rot. When you pay via Paypal, the soft copy costs US$25. Advantages of farming cabbages in Zimbabwe include: they produce high yields, the local demand is huge, can adapt to a wide range of climates, high profit margins, and need less chemical inputs as compared to other commercial crops. Cabbages are moderately sensitive to soil salinity. Secrets to cabbage production (Part 1) 08 Feb, 2019 - 00:02 2019-02-07T19:49:35+00:00 2019-02-08T00:01:16+00:00 0 Views. Fertilizers are required to support the efficient growth of your cabbages, by providing all the nutrients needed by cabbages to grow to their full potential. This article will explain how to start a cabbage farming business in Zimbabwe, and the cabbage farming business plan. You will be paying them per number of days worked. 3.2 Internationally Cabbage is a popular vegetable throughout the world because of its adapta-bility to a wide range of climatic conditions and soil, ease of production and storage, and its food value. Value addition opportunities E.g. Levels of 20 to 30 tons per hectare of well-prepared compost will benefit and reduce levels of fertilizer among other benefits such as improving the soil physical structure. Also apply a foliar spray of Bion to the seedlings to activate the plants’ own defense or immune mechanism against bacterial and viral attacks. Cabbages do not grow well on highly acidic soil. The types favored by supermarkets are red, green or white fully round shaped cabbage. This will earn the country the much needed foreign currency. The Master Farmer John Basera and Silas Mutota Herald House Cabbages are nutritious, crisp and easy to cook vegetables. Theyare moderately sensitive to soil salinity. For the bigger machinery like tractors, you can hire when you want to use them rather than purchasing them. Submitted by Timothy Maphosa on May 23, 2019 - 10:53am. vegetable production guide 1 Growing cabbage for profit and sustainability 2014-2015 Season Guidelines Introduction abbage (Brassica oleraceae) is a biennial plant belonging to the ruciferae family. In soils with pH above 6.5 the leaves become dark but leaf margins die back. Vegetables generally completes the food and nutrition security basket. What is the level of resistance to diseases especially black rot? You have been really helpful. The general populace is becoming health conscious with notable changes in eating habits and cabbage is an affordable, healthy vegetable option to ensure a health population. Cabbages respond very well to compost enriched soils.


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