The only reason it is "bad" to shampoo your hair everyday is because I does tend to strip out natural oils and makes the follicles overproduce oil in the long run. I bought two of these to give to my friend's that have short hair. They provide (strong) hold to … It’s the ideal gel to have on hand for slicking back your curls into buns and ponytails. Eco Style Professional Styling Gel, our flagship line, was the first alcohol-free hair styling product to hit the market. Reply. Eco styler gels do what all gels are supposed to do. I'm a hair dresser and I would say to shampoo and condition it everyday you put in the gel. JEWAYLA – Review provided by Walgreens. Today we offer the largest selection of hair styling gels under any one brand so that you can choose the right gel for any style you desire. Do u have the same problem? If not, how do u avoid it? thenaturalistachronicles. Enter the era of natural and supposed organic gels and the Eco styler brand turned out to be one of them. In fact, you’re so proud of your spot-on hair style that you just can’t bring yourself to wash out your hair gel before heading to bed. This is a great product, highly moisturizing. When I do my wash n’ go with the eco styler olive oil gel, I have a really bad problem with the the gel flaking after the 1st day. January 3, 2013 at 12:30 am I don’t have that issue with eco-styler gel. Traditionally, however, gels contain alcohols and other dying ingredients that can lead to breakage and split ends. A great styling gel tames edges and gives your hair a polished and sleek final look. The texture of Gorilla Snot is much more sticky and gluey than Eco Styler, and it will make your hair harder than Eco Styler would too. ECO STYLER Olive Oil Styling Gel – November 27, 2011. Ever since I cut my hair over a month ago, I have relied heavily on a faithful product in the natural hair community, Eco Styler gel.This is a common gel used to define curls for a TWA, to slick edges, form updos and more. Prior to cutting my hair, Eco Styler gel was my go to product to hold my edges down for puffs, slick my hair down for an updo and the occasional wash and go. You think to yourself: Curly naturals love their hair gel. What does eco styler gels do Eco Styler Curl and Wave Gel Image source: You can buy Eco styler gels at your local beauty supply store or online as they are easily accessible. I like that it does not flake and you don't have to use a whole for a shiny outcome. Finally, you head home feeling pretty darn good about your impressive hair styling skills and grateful that you decided to buy that new, fancy hair gel. Try and use something moisturizing though (so not something like head and shoulders).


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