Book a call with one of our company formation specialists. Food labeling requirements when importing foods to Dubai. "How can you calculate the loss of a baby or a person who is sick?" But note that this is a long process; so you need a consultant to manage the whole process of registration. We have years of experience in forming businesses in Dubai as well as other emirates of UAE. We provide services of business setup in Dubai, mainland company formation, free zone company formation, offshore company formation and provide sponsorship to new businesses. This is done through the Food Import Re-export Service (FIRS) online portal system at Dubai Municipality (DM). According to the rule of Dubai; regulations food products in Dubai are essential for import and export of all food products in Dubai. 2 for 2008 with respect to food within the emirate of Abu Dhabi, Dubai raises bar for food safety standards. Foodstuff products which are new to the FIRS system need to be registered in detail first. Storage conditions (if the validity of the product depends on such conditions). Showing the nutritional information are optional (except the products with special uses such as baby foods, foods for patients, etc). Marwan Ibrahim, the area hygiene manager for Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa and also in charge of The Address and Palace hotels, said such training programmes and follow-ups are a crucial part of the job and should not be seen as extra work. <> Information should not be obscured by graphics or designs or other written/ printed words and shall be on a contrasting part of the packaging to that of the background. 2- In accordance with regulation 2 for the year 2008 pertaining to the risk-based approach for the control of imported foods via borders of Abu Dhabi. Department of Health - Abu Dhabi has published a list of, Policies and Legislations on food safety, agriculture and animal health, Import and re-export requirements for food stuff, Law No. In January 2016, H. H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE approved the Federal Law No. Department of Health - Abu Dhabi has published a list of adulterated products. Information on Dubai Municipality food standards and regulations. In Abu Dhabi, 18 food outlets were closed down and more than 8,000 tonnes of food destroyed during inspections in the lead-up to Ramadan. 1- This guide is not to be considered as a legal reference, where the food importer is required to refer to the full text within the issued regulations. Useful links: Regarded as one of the largest governmental institutions in terms of services rendered and projects executed, the municipality is the leading driver of growth and evolution of the Emirate of Dubai. This is done through the Food Import Re-export Service (FIRS) online portal system at Dubai Municipality (DM). ��F>����{�6���[��2����D�� There are quite a few thing like checking the accessibility of products, uploading images etc. food importation requirements within the risk management framework in a transparent and user friendly approach for all food importers via all borders of Abu Dhabi emirate. This is assuming there are no issues or rejections within the DM system as suggested above. for Abu Dhabi, email us at or complete the contact form below and we will be delighted to assist you. Workshop Topic: Food Labeling Requirements for Food Traders, Timing:  18th Feb – 22nd February (Starting from 3 PM onwards), Venue: Dubai Municipality Stand (Concourse 2, Stand CCR-5). endobj Disclaimer: You are using Google Translate. The UAE took the following measures to ensure food safety. It is very important to register your food product in DM; that is before any import or export of the food products. The mandatory information on the product labelling should always be displayed in Arabic, even in circumstances where additional content is displayed on the label. UAE is a sea side desert area and its natural eatable products mostly contain of dates; marine diet and a small number of other foods stuff items available in such areas.


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