The feline heroine tried to stop him from conquering the fictional country of Parador, along with other members of the superhero team Shadow Fighters. Paul McGuire, a respected veteran PR executive, is leaving the world of…, Nick Tarabay as Eclipso, Jonathan Cake as The Shade, ‘China’s Got Talent’ Renewed For Seventh Season With No Broadcaster Attached, ‘El Juego de Las Llaves’: Alejandra Guzman, Laura Leon & Cristián de la Fuente Join Season 2 Cast Of Lionsgate/Hemisphere Media Group’s Pantaya Series, MTV Greenlights ‘Ridiculousness’ Spinoff ‘Deliciousness’ Hosted By Tiffani Thiessen, ‘Shantaram’: Steven Lightfoot Named Showrunner Of New Apple Series, ‘The Croods: A New Age’ Opening Day Near $2 Million As Pandemic Wrecks Thanksgiving Frame, ‘Spencer’ Producer Says “There Is No Brexit Issue” After Prince William Casting Backlash, FilmLA Quickly Rescinds Order To Limit After-Hours Filming In City & County; State’s New Cases Jump To Record, ‘Call Me By Your Name’ & ‘Suspiria’ Director Luca Guadagnino Talks About His Influences. One of them will be discussed below, but it's worth noting that the demon also took possession of Ray Palmer's one-time wife Jean Loring, and most recently took hold of Maxwell Lord in the Rebirth event. The 1992 comic saw Eclipso disguise himself as Starman in order to spy on the Justice League, meaning the hero's convenient return could easily be a trap. Stargirl has cast Eclipso and the Shade for Season 2 when it airs on HBO Max in 2021. Part Two, Massive DC Comics Layoffs Leaves Their Future In Question. Nick Tarabay. Spoiler warning for those who haven't yet watched Stargirl's Season 1 finale. Alas, he is nearly thwarted by the god he apparently killed when an eclipse struck during the ceremony… but the big reveal comes in the in media res opening page when it’s revealed that the villain is none other than Gordon himself, becoming his own literal worst enemy. Send us a tip using our annonymous form. Oh yeah, and he also possessed Superman at one point. One of his most formidable vessels was Jean Loring who readers will remember is the ex-wife of Ray Palmer and the superhero murderer in the controversial comic event Identity Crisis. Two former Arrowverse villains will be causing trouble again, albeit as different characters in The CW's Stargirl. WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for "Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E., Part Two," the Stargirl Season 1 finale. We then meet modern day Bruce Gordon who still believes he is to blame for the creation of Eclipso. Either way it seems like a far more interesting route rather than trying to tie it to his early origins, especially as DC Universe played with some similar aesthetics and themes with their recent representation of Rita Farr and the origin of her powers in Doom Patrol. Eclipso is a singularly odd character in the DC comics universe and continues Stargirl 's trend of picking out heroes and villains unknown to most comic book fans. “Eclipso is so terrifying. First Appearance Though Eclipso was something more of a generic villain in the early days, his story got revamped in the 1990s to reveal that Bruce Gordon was actually being possessed by a vengeful demon whose soul was trapped inside 1,000 shards of a giant black diamond called the Heart of Darkness, but was still allowed to possess anyone who came into contact with the shards. As already mentioned, Eclipso can possess the minds and bodies of normal people and metahumans, aliens, etc., and he actually boosts other supes' abilities when he's in control, making them even more powerful. He soon learns that isn’t the case when he discovers other shards of the black diamond which the spirit is using to possess and control super powered earthlings. During DC’s New 52 era, Eclipso was reimagined as Lord Kalaa, an ancient inhabitant of Gemworld who’d turned on his own people and become a tyrannical leader after his powers were sparked by a… you guessed it… eclipse. But he's got way more powers than just those.


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