Communication can be made more effective by understanding the audience and the market properly. What drives value for the organization should be the foundation for your marketing strategy. Marketing should infuse everything you do as an organization because, at its core, marketing is about understanding the customer and what they want. While we might think of iconic brands in these terms, the good news is that most brands, big or small, can be lifted by applying solid communications practices. We talked about advertising and communication in a recent podcast. Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department. Channel Selection: It’s challenging to reach the consumer given today’s myriad of communication media. TiVo’s initial ads were all awareness. The sender of the message is the marketer. Messaging: Every brand has that unique “personality” that lends a common voice to all communications. It can be awkward, frankly, because everyone knows as soon as you ask that they should know. Goals: Effective marketing communications must reflect well-formed goals. Many people think they are the same thing. © 2019 American Solutions for Business CT, Six Steps to Effective Marketing Communications. when choosing paint for exterior the consumer has the freedom to go for a branded product such as Berger o… However, that is not their only goal. So, why are people currently not buying it? So, when planning marketing communications, carefully consider each of the following Brand Lifting Elements: 1. Effective marketing departments can model their message to whatever goal is most vital to the product line. Like this one for facial recognition: Anytime Apple is advertising, they have an awareness angle because they want to keep their brand top of mind. In the UK, we say it can be the difference between chalk and cheese. Such unbranded products are visible across consumer, industrial and consumable goods. Apple has been proficient at identifying new features and then communicating them to their audience. The 5 Rules for Designing a Great Digital Experience, Diagnosing Customers’ New Behavior During the Pandemic, When you hand over social media to an intern with the only direction being, “Post things so our feed is active.”, When you choose a digital campaign because it gets a lot of views without regard for whether it attracts the proper audience for your product or service, When the website design looks cool and trendy but doesn’t have a connection to the other parts of the business or is a separate entity from other customer channels, Is it because consumers don’t know that you exist, or because they’ve forgotten you and they’re thinking of somebody else at the time of purchase? Communications channels should be carefully selected to deliver a consistent message, engage the audience, encourage a dialog (when possible) and ultimately achieve the marketing goal. In many ways, it comes back to understanding your customers, what they want, and what drives their behavior. Growing your brand is vital, yet it often proves elusive. Lifting your brand is not a one time effort; it’s an ongoing process of continual trial and refinement. STEREOTYPES: THE HARD-WIRED WAY OUR BRAINS MAKE DECISIONS. First, who they are, and second, what they already know. There will not be an identity for your product. Finally, you should have a definite plan in place with specific actions and messages that address that obstacle. These may include greater brand awareness, generating sales, customer retention, repeat business, etc. Then, Do potential customers get what it does, but they aren’t that interested? David Packard, the co-founder of Hewlett Packard, had a different take on the issue. These informative podcasts are designed to expand on the psychological ideas behind understanding customer behavior. 2. Finally, you decide if you are in competition with other brands that do the same thing. Another excellent example of this type of communication is Apple (naturally). It is also where you begin to set customers’ expectations for your Customer Experience. It also starts with knowing what you want to achieve as an organization. However, if people are happy with what is currently available, you might have to communicate a specific benefit that your pain reliever provides (i.e., Awareness + Understanding+Attractiveness = Goal). Periodic review will then show how well communications are performing against goals and allow for adjustments when necessary. You should know what problems you are addressing as opposed to ensuring you’ve got something out on your Facebook or Twitter feed to fill the space. If you enjoyed this post, you might be interested in the following blogs and podcasts: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS DECLINING IN THE UK. Follow Colin Shaw on Twitter @ColinShaw_CX. If so, then awareness that your product exists might be enough of a goal for your marketing (i.e., Awareness = Goal).


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