Find and convert your thread color numbers between different manufactures, quickly and easily. Now includes thread numbers and colors! Manufacturers published some of these machine embroidery thread conversion charts, but a lot of charts were done by independent stores or websites. ARC Polyester embroidery thread chart; ARC Rayon embroidery thread chart; Admelody Poly embroidery thread chart Embroidery Thread Conversion Charts. Free updates of existing charts. Thread Cache. Affiliate Link to Apple (iTunes) Embroidery thread conversion charts help you find corresponding color numbers from manufacturers. your thread choices will never be limited by your designs with this automatic color conversion software. It uses digital color value matching instead of 'conversion tables' to cross-reference any given thread color to 70+ different thread palettes. The Thread Exchange is a free tool that you can use to find equivalent shades between Madeira and another brand of thread. For a print copy of all 220 of our machine embroidery thread colors with color number and color swatch, please click on the following link: ThreadArt Embroidery Thread Color Chart For a print copy of all our machine embroidery thread colors with color number and color swatch converted to both RGB color values and Panto Free yourself from your manufacture's threads. If you prefer to use a different brand, these machine embroidery thread color conversion charts will help you convert machine embroidery thread colors from one brand to another. Free thread converter pro iii . Thread Cache is a companion app for the TruEmbroidery 3 Software. Product Information MyThreadBox is a revolutionary software package for anyone who sews - especially machine embroidery and machine cross-stitch users. MyThreadBox Thread Color Conversion Software . Eliminate the need for color cards and charts Matches to and from all major Rayon and Poly lines (industrial and home) Color match to and from 70+ major thread … (If you arrived at this page from a color change sheet, the boxes are likely populated for you.) There are charts for DMC, Anchor, Cosmo, and more. To use this free Thread Exchange, check the box next to the brand of thread that you use. Then, enter the 4-digit Madeira numbers from the color change sheets. It helps you keep track of your machine embroidery thread stock with a mobile “shopping list”.


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