Popular Quizzes Today. Eternal Champions Official Art. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . Eternal Champions 3is the fourth installment in theEternal Champions series. By gui0007, November 14, 2015 in [ CHARACTERS ] Share Followers 2. I have lost the book for a long time then all of a sudden it popped back up. [ CHARACTERS ] Eternal Champions / Challenge from the Dark Side Eternal Champions / Challenge from the Dark Side. Popular Post; gui0007 1,668 If you thought Eternal Champions couldn’t get any less nuanced, please don’t factor in how many times a character whips out a generic gun and fires at point blank range. It bears mentioning that this was long before Capcom made it a habit of hiding large numbers of playable characters. Fighter Select. Since 2006 Twitter | Facebook | Discord | E-Mail Sorry it has taken me so long to scan them. Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side (also known as Eternal Champions 2 or Eternal Champions CD) is a fighting video game for the Sega CD/Mega-CD.It was published in February 1995 in North America and during the same year in Europe, within the waning days of the platform lifespan. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. I have gotten a request to scan these because you can almost never find any of the character art on the net. And if you did find one, it was most likely cropped. Each had a specific fighting style, background, and story. Gaming Quiz / Eternal Champions Characters Random Gaming Quiz Can you name the Eternal Champions Characters? by Schmoo Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . It was released in February of 1995 and featured a whopping 25 characters from which to choose (13 at start, 12 hidden). Chalk up another first for Eternal Champions.


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