In that case you can use mailers which are lightweight and sturdy. If you are shipping a lot of breakables you might want to get both small bubble wrap for the inside and then larger bubble wrap for the outside to protect it even more. I have found that while there are some things I can ship plain in this mailer, mostly I like having a box to put in there too. Take a deep breath – odds are, everything will be fine. The ones that I got were $26.75 for a thousand, so about $.02 each (SO worth it.) Because I sell vintage, ALL my packages are different sizes. The rest of the things that I will mention are “add-ons” and not necessary right away. Tracking is included but insurance is not. Gillian began by converting an old tavern into a shop and importing pieces from England. I have heard other “Etsy Experts” say that people are stupid for not shipping Internationally, but I think each person should decide how stressful for them that it will be to do! He said things had gotten broken because I hadn't filled all the space in the box. Some people think that offering free shipping will result in more sales. Hearing their questions I was struck by how much I had learned about Etsy shipping over the years and how much easier I could make the process for them if I just wrote it all down! Can you go back and cry to the buyer? The most common shipping furniture material is wool. When you get an order you simply click the button that says “Print Shipping Label”. I am writing…, I see so many vendors trying to sell “Etsy Shop Audits” to sellers and I just think that it is something you can do easily yourself for free! Like every Etsy seller who ever started shipping, I have made my share of mistakes so I will lay them all out here so you don't have to pay for your own mistakes! But after doing this for a while I have found that some countries are just not a good fit for me to export to. When you use a Flat Rate Box weight doesn't matter as you are paying one price for shipping based on size of the item rather than weight. I feel that the shipping supplies are a cost of doing business and do not charge an extra fee unless the item I am shipping is super hard to pack. There are four types of free Priority Mail… regular boxes, flat rate boxes, regional boxes and padded envelopes. Functionally this plastic wrap that comes on a handle and lets you “shrink wrap” your bubble wrapped item. USPS Media Mail – This is for non-commercial books or papers. I love using Etsy to sell and have so many great Etsy Marketing articles you might love! Simply record the measurements and weight and pick Priority Shipping in the Etsy dropdown. I have looked at hundreds of shops over the years, and getting your store in order often just means doing a couple of little tweaks to make…, Filed Under: Etsy Marketing Tagged With: etsy shipping, getting started on etsy, starting an etsy shop, […] Additional Resource: Getting Started On Etsy, Ultimate Guide To Etsy Shipping […], © 2020 Tara L. Jacobsen, PA. All rights reserved. ), Parcel Select Ground is what used to be called Parcel Post and is only available when someone purchases online (like they do from Etsy!). Generally this is how much I add when when accounting for packaging weight: You can also add a handling charge if you think that packing will require special features (sometimes I have large mirrors or pictures professionally packed at UPS). Before we get started, let's talk about why you should use Pinterest for marketing your Etsy…. For this reason I have stopped offering shipping to Europe. From shop LuxEdgeFurnitureCo. “I’m happy with the service,” Gillian says. How to make cool Pinterest pins that get shared for free using the photo tool Canva, your product pictures and a little creativity.


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