Have not found what you were looking for? Not only would this influence the bottom line it also would affect change in the business model and future of the company (Engwall, & Tongur, 2014). The researchers conducted questionnaires based on e-commerce and the supply chain. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. From the research that was provided small business needs to adopt technology so that they can compete in a global market. Specifically the discussion concerning IBM and their use of a computer to decrypt secret codes assisted the United States Government in gaining an advantage over their enemy counterparts. 1 – 2 http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/SD-04-2014-0055 Harwood, S. (2011). Rural Business and Technology, There are many areas of the country that do not have internet connectivity. We have received your request for getting a sample. A recent study by Cavalcante in 2013 attempted to identify how technology has impacted business specifically in the area of logistics. The literature that was reviewed contributed greatly to this paper and without it would not have been possible. For the first time, problems that would take several minutes using a slide rule could be completed in seconds. Value of Technology in Business, In the current business environment technology is a valuable tool for the organization or firm. A good example is Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple & Facebook, these four technology based companies share some business technologies without exchanging money, but they all agree with each other for the benefit of the end user. Small business can develop a business model that can span the global divide and reach consumers on the other side of the world. Delivering Business Advice Directly to You Any tool that allows you to track a task digitally, rather than manually, is a great boon to busy business owners who want to save time communicating and tracking their own work and the work of their employees. Small business has much to gain from the use of technology; however it is important to note that some business owners are determined to manage their businesses without it. The authors found that small business is handicapped without the assistance of these organizations; the technology assistance assists the small business owner to compete with larger organizations (Alexander, Gibson, Lancaster, & Pryor, 2011). Since hoteliers typically were used to telephone or in person booking it was difficult for them to see the need in adopting an online tool or website. However despite the availability of technology many times the start-up costs are too expensive for small and middle sized businesses. Organizations have the ability to manage orders, address shortages and file claims without having to physically be located at the place of destination. Managers can save considerable resources with the use of online training, specifically webinars or video conferences. There are uncertain possibilities while considering emerging technology and how it will affect the market. The final area of literature that was reviewed was shifts in technology. The data revealed that companies need to implement a social media program so that they can have a healthy online reputation. Furthermore, 62 percent of small enterprises say that having strong digital and media skills is a key … Despite the high costs of the personal computers consumers purchased them for their business and home needs. Literature in three additional areas of evolution was inspected and articles were reviewed, the reinvention of business was a subject which had many implications.


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