Until the yeast gets going, your wort is vulnerable to nasty bacteria. on Step 3. One thought for upping the flavor on the citrus would be to add some of the zest in with your shredded ginger. Overall, it was very gingery, which I liked, but I feel the citrus was lost in the fermentation. I believe that you can add just about any spice you want to adjust the flavor, the most interesting that I've herd is adding mace or other peppery spices to bring out the zing a little more, but for the sake of simplicity I just going to use:-Water --- Make sure that you use good quality water, and make sure that you have all of the chlorine out of it (either let it stand open to the atmosphere for about 24 hours or boil it)-Ginger Powder --- I guess you could use real ginger root, but thats harder to use and ginger powered is not very expensive if you get if from the right place. 5 years ago, I make mine a similar way to make 10 litres -. I used the shredding disc. Timing isn't exact... it's more of a wait and see when it looks done. It’s easy and inexpensive to make old-fashioned ginger beer at home, and you get more of a gingery taste than you do from the store-bought stuff. love the way this has been written as well. Leave your beer until you think it is done... which depends on you but it will take at least 2 weeks.I tried a bottle every once in a while and liked it once it was completely done fermenting all the sugar - had a dry flavor that went well with the ginger. I like to cool my wort as fast as possible. Somewhere around 32 Quarts is good for our purposes. you can even make a decent 15.9 gallon kettle by cutting the top off a sanke keg. While your brewing you can be cleaning out the fermentation vessel. So to start off, let's heat up some water. Available, Whirlfloc tablets to help with clarity. 4 years ago. Generally the more you spend on a kettle, the thicker the walls and bottom. 29,522. Ale is not brewed. Now that your plant has had plenty of time for the yeast to grow and for the flavor of the ginger to diffuse into the water it is time to dilute it and put it into bottles.This set is based completely on your personal taste, and how long your plant has been growing - the longer you've been feeding it the more ginger flavor there is...the good news is that if you get it wrong you can fix it later.The process is to take ~1-2 gallons of 'clean' water (boil tap water) add sugar until it is sweet - like juice, maybe a little sweeter.Now using a paper towel strain the plant liquid out of the rest and add the plant fluid to the sweet water.Bottle the mix in the 20 oz bottles - only fill them 2/3 full because a LOT of CO2 will be produced and the bottles will explode if they are too full (air compresses more than fluid).Place all of your bottles in an opaque rubber maid tub and place it in a warm area. Then, you add sugar to the jug (the following is approximate), 2 lbs of sugar + 1 gallon of water = 12%-14% alcohol (very strong), 1 lb of sugar + 1 gallon of water = 6%-7% alcohol (still pretty strong). Bread yeast is able to produce ~3-6% and the best yeast are able to survive in ~15% alcohol, with Ginger beer it is a toss up due to the introduction of wild yeasts.I like my ginger beer chilled.Enjoy, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ginger_beerSome cool history: http://www.fohbc.com/BandE_Article4.htmlA recipe http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/pda/A634664Another recipe http://thegreenman.net.au/mt/ginger_beer_recipe.htmnon -Alcoholic ginger beer - http://www.webtender.com/db/drink/1046_Yeast Cultivation_http://www.alsand.com/beer/yeast/index_E.htmlhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yeasthttp://www.lesaffreyeastcorp.com/SoY/cultivation.html. If you want, you can take a before and after fermentation reading to calculate the alcohol content. Once you open a bottle you have to drink it all within about 24 hours or it will start to taste funny. Check it every day, squeeze each bottle and if you cannot compress it crack the lid and let off the pressure - the soda bottles will take ~100 psi before they explode, but if they do explode you will be cleaning sticky ginger juice off the walls for ever. This will help "clear" the beer. So. I used about 6.5 gallons, expecting to lose about 1.5 gallons to the 60 minute boil. Please tell me if I'm wrong thank you. ?Sorry this is what I'm understanding. Our recipe below is for a classic ginger beer at around 4-5% alcohol content, but you can also make an alcohol-free version for the kids, and you can even substitute malt extract for honey or raw sugar to make a gluten free version (read our notes at the bottom of the page first!). Question The yeast population double every eight hours, and it takes almost the same amount of time to ferment twice as much. If you have never brewed before, don't worry!


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