Glad I had savings to help cos this was probably my 10th or 11th try. 6/17/2020 1 Comment Is there any specific way to do the duel with chiara as the werewolf? I also got her in year 2 when I haven't learned incendio yet. I am in Year 2 too and when I had to duel Chiara I was below her stats. After struggling to beat her I upped 2 of my attributes (I was lucky enough to be close to leveling them up anyway, so fed my magical creatures and bought some clothes) I then tried finding patterns but she mixed it up too often. The game uses the energy system; energy points are required to complete the quest tasks. So it seems she has a high chance of repeating moves. oh my god. Hello everyone, welcome to Part 1 of our Walkthrough for Lone Wolf Adventure for Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. Q. She uses aggressive and sneak with a random defensive. It seems impossible to win this event now after spending the last 3 days on it :( any tips? I got her in year 2 and beat her at the first try. A Harry Potter mobile RPG game developed by Jam City and published under Portkey Games. Chiara's moves: Aggressive 2x, Defense 2x, … I have 2 minutes left to complete the duel. All five stars are needed to pass. So i just unlocked the quest, and reading discovered that there is an unnecessarily hard duel at the end where she is points above you. Meet her and Chiara in the Artefact Room. She is reluctant to have you come on to help and she’s also reluctant to allow you to become her friend. In the end it was spamming sneaky and using Flipendo every time that worked. So all you have to do is counter her moves - yellow, red, red, yellow etc etc... good luck guys, don’t give up. Just realized the dueling fix probably made this one 10x harder.. we need more ways to get some coin. But before duelling her, I did read a lot of tips people posted on how to beat her. I just won against Chiara, and used mostly aggressive since it at least has one possible stun spell (expelliarmus) and she can't then hurt me that much. Update: Buying clothes to increase my skill points after initiating the first duel didn’t increase her skill points as well, so I was able to be matched evenly with her and win! Her defense deals the least damage. But with the new system is SO difficult. Penny sends you to talk to Chiara Lobosca, a friendly werewolf student, to investigate. What seals a werewolf bite?- Healing charms- Wolfsbane Potion - Powdered silver and dittany Q. I noticed there was some kind of pattern, but kept forgetting or panicking and list a lot before I started writing down her attack set and my own just to see if my attacks triggered her next attack. 7/1/2020 01:47:52 am. BEAT CHIARA'S WOLFSBANE POTION QUIZ! What I did was write down every move in our duels to see if there was a pattern to her attacks. Who invented Wolfsbane Portion?- Damocles Belby - Horace Slughorn - Severus Snape. BEAT CHIARA'S HEALING QUIZ! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I have 2 minutes left to complete the duel. Getting this in Year 2, with the time limit, really feels like the just want you to buy coins and energy to get through this.. it was absurdly difficult to do. You are now in the new feature of the site -- forums. Hello everyone, welcome to Part 3 of our Walkthrough for Lone Wolf Adventure for Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. it’s better to drink the potion when there’s half life left. One Chiara was sneaky a lot, one had defensive moves in the beginning, my Chiara was mainly agressive-defensive. It worked when I tried it. Then I analysed each duels and searched for patterns. THANK YOU I beat her at the first try with this, it worked 100% for me. I'm a year 2 and only have Flipendo as my strongest attack in sneak. But I won. I spammed aggressive it took me three tries but it worked. I'm verry sad, bc this is already my second attempt at the quest. Task 3. Fess up about the potion sis and maybe we can come up with a plan. I’ve tried combos of stuns/healing as well, but expelliarmus and rictunsempra hardly ever stun successfully. While playing it, you will be able to investigate a werewolf attack together with Chiara Lobosca, a werewolf girl you first met during the Halloween Feast adventure. did something like this: flipendo -> flipendo -> wig. How is Lycanthropy spread?- A spell- A curse - A Werewolf bite Q. So I feel like they need to change this duel either way. ... - Keeps a Werewolf sane - Prevents transformation - Cures lycanthropy Q. I would go ahead and learn Incendio if you can, it really helps out. Penny is surprised to learn that Chiara is actually the Werewolf. Holy shit I am DONE WITH THIS GIRL. There are 5-cost actions linked to both you and Chiara, which should make this task a bit easier. Your approach is so simple and yet I never would have thought to try it.


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