And its 80 distinct aromatic compounds translate into more interesting salad dressings and crazy-good accents in soups and pan sauces that apple cider or rice vinegar could never hope to imitate. I've made vinegar for years, but never considered making Sherry Vinegar until I could not find it in any stores or specialty shops in my area. If you’ve crafted other types of vinegar at home, sherry vinegar follows a similar process. Real sherry vinegar comes from Spain and tends to be a little tricky to find. Can I make a close substitute at home? No cough-inducing bitterness typical of a big Tuscan oil, please. I don't feel like going out for this, using a little and junking up my shelf. To the first I added 2/3 cup Taylor's Dry sherry and to the second starter I added 2/3 cup Fairbank's Cream Sherry. The wine is naturally fermented and then aged for at least 6 months in barrels. This vinegar is produced from the ‘must’ (freshly pressed unfermented juice) of the sherry grape. Sure, balsamic vinegar can of course be very, very good. Would you use cream sherry or dry? It must be diluted to bring the alcohol content down to the 5 to 6 percent range. I use sherry vinegar because I like its mellow, rounded flavor and I find it is less harsh and more complex than most red-wine vinegars. Can I make my own sherry vinegar? Kalmia: 7/26/13 9:58 AM: Pardon my ignorance, but is this just a blend of sherry and white or red wine vinegar? Can I make my own sherry vinegar? Today, I made two Sherry Vinegar starters. How to Make Sherry Vinegar at Home. Showing 1-17 of 17 messages. Plus it doesn’t have the sweetness of balsamic. We’re talking my dessert island vinegar. Fitting somewhere between red and white wine vinegar, it adds a softer, more rounded flavour than regular wine vinegars. Each one has 2/3 cup Acetum Organic White Wine vinegar with mother. The base is sherry wine, and the type of grape used to make the wine determines the dryness of the vinegar. I like Unio and Lucini brands, the former from Spain and the latter from Italy. The thing is, it’s my favourite wine vinegar. The only difference is that sherry is a fortified wine with a higher alcohol content. My oil choice is usually a moderately priced extra-virgin olive oil with a fruity character. Sherry vinegar is loaded with complex, nutty flavors you won't find in other vinegars.


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