Home , Main Course , Recipes cooking , how to smoke meat , meat , meat smoker , smoker , smoker tips , smoking , smoking meat , smoking … In hot smoking, you’re adding flavor to meat in two ways: by imparting smoky flavor compounds onto the surface of the meat… * Pro Tip #1 – you can omit a water pan and simply spritz the meat … Wet smoke is more about enhancing flavor by enabling the smoke to perfuse the meat better and less about keeping the food from drying out. Most meats should be smoked between 200 and 225 degrees, with the internal temperature reaching 145 degrees for red meat (depending on the cut) and 165 for poultry. There’s a lot of advice out there but I’ve scoured the internet and collected only the best resources for learning how to smoke meat … Hot smoking (aka barbecue), in contrast, involves exposing meats to smoke that’s hot enough to slowly cook them through (about 200–300°F). The bear claws shred the meat with minimal effort – especially compared to using just forks and/or tongs – and the silicone gloves are a life saver when handling a smoked beer butt chicken. Once again, personal preference prevails. Smoking is an ancient method of preserving and preparing food.Used in tandem with curing and salting, the antioxidants in wood smoke extend the shelf life of perishable (not to mention valuable) foods — especially meats.The preservative effects of smoke are largely irrelevant to most of us today, but the taste isn’t: smoke … Unlike the old pit masters who learnt everything the hard way (and ruined a lot of good meat in the process), you can learn from the best bbq and smoking experts without ever leaving your home.


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