In the meantime, what are some of your favorite integrated marketing campaigns — did they make the list? They’re closely intertwined, which is why it’s prudent to think about them simultaneously. Marketing automation software. It is not a decision consumers take lightly. Along with this social media content, influencers who were sent the palette began to upload their reviews on YouTube. Then it’s the agent’s responsibility to continue nurturing the prospect utilizing their various tools until they are at the bottom of the funnel in the purchase phase. Introducing the 2020 Marketing Award Judges “Trendsetters! Fans can vote for the awards on Twitter and Hulu's website. Your CRM program will capture that prospective client’s information and send them an automated email with additional information on the property they inquired about, moving them down the sales funnel through the interest phase and into the consideration phase. Outdoor activity is at the core of REI's products. "The campaign, created in response to the #metoo movement, urged men to hold themselves to a higher standard," says Forsey. Your data-driven campaign empowers sales to use buyer interaction data to prioritize outreach and follow-up. No expensive integrations. ", "Along with the limited-edition wrapping, the company created a dedicated landing page for #LoveWins, and supported Pride Month with the #LoveWins hashtag across its social channels. Prospects who click several emails, visit your landing page, and download a case study should be further along in the journey than someone who only clicks one banner ad. Integrated campaigns align your organization around a common message in order to accelerate revenue growth. Refugee crises, sickness, and wars — the second phase dove deep into conveying what journalists endure in order to deliver the most accurate coverage. The point of which was to educate the public about how to stay safe when venturing outdoors, with the main content player being graphics similar to the one below: This graphic was shared on social media to spread awareness of tips to responsibly venture outdoors to avoid health concerns. Contact sales to learn what Insightly can uniquely offer when you purchase both. From the billboard in Canada, to international Facebook and Instagram fans, the release of "Experience" was anticipated globally. Up until that point, I'd come across promotional content from three different channels for the new season. Two of the most important elements for finalizing your campaign strategy include budgets and channels. Enterprise-grade dashboards. Having the ability to hold a paper copy of a listing flyer or brochure provides comfort to a consumer and allows them to review physical documentation of the product before they make a purchase. The multiple channels used by the news source to restore their image to the public worked, and made this integrated campaign a win. Get insights, tips, and thought leadership, by Matt Keener I was stoked. No integrated campaign would be complete without a continuous, near real-time feedback loop between sales, marketing, and other teams. Initially, I saw the commercial during a regular ad break while watching — of course — Hulu: Because there's no awards show for animated content, the team at Hulu decided to change that — and get fans involved. Digital media is utilized to influence purchase intent by encouraging consumers to visit and engage with a company’s website, products, or brand with an end goal of persuading them to make a purchase either on or offline. Better connect with your customers, create unforgettable experiences, and align teams with a CRM built with you in mind. Meaningful conversations lead to pipeline, and pipeline produces revenue. Stay up to date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips and news. Insightly's CEO on how leadership, technology, and strategy shape marketing today. What is account-based marketing (ABM)? For this launch, a variety of social tactics were used. Remarketing can be a cost-effective way to re-engage people who previously interacted with campaign assets. It’s time to define your goals, build your strategy, develop a cohesive message, acquire the right mix of skills and technology, and build a successful integrated campaign. Thus they take advantage by integrating their traditional marketing communications and digital channels. Get Matt’s top-rated book or connect with him on LinkedIn. For the purposes of discussion, let’s assume that your primary objective involves capturing market share from a well-known competitor. We now welcome the digital equivalents of the once known traditional media communications, digital media channels. This integrated campaign, boosted by real accounts, was proven to be not only successful, but valuable. What’s in it for them? Digital media channels introduced a new form of communication that utilizes a customer-centric approach and encourages interaction, customer engagement, two-way communication, and personalization. It answers important questions about timelines, messaging, special offers, key milestones, software requirements, outreach cadence, and marketing channels. The partnerships and REI's content share an educational message and an interactive component — making this campaign diverse and engaging. That’s why taking a unified approach to sales and marketing—one that makes it easy to build and manage buyer journeys—is key to running integrated campaigns at scale. With that being said, don’t give up on traditional marketing methods just yet. At a minimum, consider these key areas: Be specific. An integrated campaign can deliver numerous downstream benefits that include increased productivity and cross-functional alignment. What does that look like in terms of net new accounts? This rollout has become one of my favorite integrated marketing campaigns of 2020. Ultimately, the main difference between digital and traditional media channels is the medium in which an audience of consumers is made aware of a marketing message. "The wrapping has the lifeline number to The Trevor Project printed directly on it — the company partnered with The Trevor Project and supports the organization through proceeds of its limited-edition kombucha. Integrated campaigns use intent signals to guide buyers through multi-touch journeys. After carefully assessing your campaign objectives and messaging, you may need to develop one or more of the following: Note: To save time, repurpose existing collateral rather than starting from scratch. The campaign included online and in-person marketing tactics, and is the favorite campaign of staff writer Jay Fuchs. This year (2020), we have seen an unprecedented shift in consumer behavior due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Creating journeys for thousands of prospective customers is challenging without the right tools.


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