), email it, and check stock for the items in your order. Using a small roller gives a little more time. While we were waiting for the delivery, we found and watched a good video on YouTube about the assembly. Without the headache and anger, you can relax while knowing that your closet will be in one piece soon enough. the left hand side would be a full height clothes rail and not block the “secret door”. We looked at it, but found the price was almost as high and IKEA didn’t require as much involvement from the store, whereas CS Elfa you often have to work with someone. This procedure was repeated on all the PAX frames. Do you have any suggestions on a better way to do this or potential problems that I need to be aware of? Apologies in advance for all my Ikea threads!Have just bought four wardrobes (4 x 75cm) which are 236cm high with sliding doors ( half mirror half white stained oak).I am already dreading having to build them! }); Your email address will not be published. What gives the little rigidity that the structure possesses comes 90% from nailing in the backboard. BTW: Denver IKEA offers the option of $38?and they’ll “pull” all your goods from the warehouse for you. Just look at the Ikea wardrobe assembly. So we ordered on-line the set of parts we thought we needed (and accidentally twice as many shelves as we wanted, it was easy to miss that they came in pairs). It doesn’t come with screws to mount it to the wall. I am remodeling a house and want to use PAX systems for my closets, however, I want to finish the PAX closets so they have a built-in look. It’s just a shelf that fits two of their laundry hampers side by side. Yep I did think of that – I’m still keen to try it. Satisfaction is part of this service, keeping it alive and keeping people happy. This is incredible! Sound right? We started with a blank slate and worked together to build the 6 PAX wardrobe boxes, two 39″ wide ones in the center on either side, with a total of four 19″ wide boxes filling in the rest. It too will have a half-height clothes rail, and then shelves and a shoe rack. Hi Reuben, Great hack. The only problem is the assembly and installation, something a lot of people cannot handle. I’d like to switch out our Pottery Barn Kids Cameron system (we’ve outgrown it) for PAX in our front room/multi-functional room. On top of that, to do this efficiently and properly, you will want people who can do this well. Here they are after their first coat of primer – this is a handy photo as you can probably make out what all the pieces are for: After a lot of research and tests with various primers which claimed to be suitable for melamine, Zinsser BIN was chosen for the job. I’m not finding any on a sheet like you had when I search. Ditto! In your opinion, is the height of the base of Pax as it is, enough to have the carpet fitted up to it without the doors getting stuck or dragging? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If it is not flush then the gap marked ‘PROBLEM’ will result in a gap behind the filler pieces we will add later. Definitely take out baseboards before install so the wardrobes can sit nice and flush. We nixed pull outs for shoes in favor for drawers. However, this did mean that the far right and left frames were tight to the wall and as a result were sitting slightly on the existing skirting boards. I realised this, of course, but didn’t think it through in terms of angling the units up and under the door header. Probably about 4 or 5 hours. Without the kickboard modification mentioned earlier, there would have been a nasty gap here between the filler pieces and the kickboards, but the fix worked well and it all looked very tidy. It looks awesome! Hi, that’s a good question – it required some thought. Don’t place any lateral pressure on the frame until the back is nailed in place; it must stay very close to a right-angle at all four corners all the time.


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