Keeley has just announced that its new Caverns Delay and Reverb pedal is launching later this month, with pre-orders opening today at a reduced price for early buyers. Thanks to the ‘Trails’ switch, you can cut off your effects while still leaving space for them to decay naturally. For the amount that it’s capable of, we have to agree. You can easily turn it up all the way and get a nice, sweet overdrive with warm-sounding harmonics. Both in mint condition, boxes included. Looking to save some money or real estate on your pedalboard, though still want to utilize the strength of a hybrid reverb delay pedal? The Delay mode on the Caverns i thought was great + i felt the overall bandwidth, tone + feel was similar to the Echorec which has it's own unique modulation but both are great. EHX Canyon vs Flashback 2. ​Bottom Line:  The Keeley Delay Workstation is an incredibly easy-to-use hybrid tool with a practical layout and an array of high-quality sounds. ​Bottom Line: The Nux Atlantic comes with play-ready sounds that captures the tones of some of music’s best decades. One of the unique things about the delays on this pedal is that they grow in intensity over time. There are five different tail length times, assignable expression control, and a delay that gives you the ability to work with different styles ranging from classic tape delays to long, feedback-heavy dub delays. guitarman92 Member. But the Canyon seems so more versatile, has so many different and weird modes. ​Bottom Line: While it may not look like much, the Alexander Sky-Fi has quite a lineup of features packed into it. The Alexander Sky Fi is the perfect reverb delay pedal for any guitarist that is looking to achieve the crystal clear, digital sounds of the 80s and 90s. There are three delays, and three reverbs on hand, as well as a cool shimmer effect that allows you to create waterfall-like textures, perfect for experimental music. The canyon has some cool features but they all sound cheesy and overly digital imo. You can even run multiple patches back to back so that you can use both reverb and delay at once. Alexander has included those delay types, as well as the ability to freeze and oscillate the signal with a simple hold of the bypass switch. I see. You can even make use of the onboard tap tempo or utilize an external expression pedal to dig in further. For all the shoegazers out there, the Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run is a dreamy reverb delay pedal that you should know about. You can essentially create space around your guitar while not drowning it out. The Keeley Electronics Caverns V2 offers impressive and expressive sounds that can veer between peaceful ambience and potentially unruly soundscapes. It’s another great pedal for those who are looking to get creative with their effects. It's been a year since the release of the EHX Canyon Delay and now EHX has announced the Grand Canyon Delay and Looper. Electro-Harmonix Canyon Delay & Looper vs. TC Flashback 2. There is also a handy tap tempo feature to help synch up the delays to your tunes. The caverns works well for me because the delay and reverb can be activated separately. If I am using an amplifier with no reverb in it, I will leave the reverb on. There are twelve different modes available on the pedal, as well as a wide array of adjustable algorithms, that allow you to create tones from the subtle and ambient to the massive and heavenly. Many alternative, shoegaze, and experimental guitarists base their entire sound off of these types of effects. Will this new release add anything worthwhile to its already huge pedal range, which includes the Compressor Plus and the weird and wonderful Awful Waffle pedal.


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