THIS IS THE BEST ADVICE I HAVE EVER READ ABOUT LEARNING PROGRAMMING!!! For this reason, I would recommend that you use a good, well-structured beginner book or course to learn the absolute basics. Thank you man <3. This post will not teach you any actual programming. Go to the directory where you have installed the Java (, Copy the path and make sure that you have copied the exact path as shown above. Now, we would like to give you a couple more valuable links: Subscribe Android Weekly – every week a lot of amazing Android … How to Connect MySQL Database in Java Using Eclipse Step by Step, Sentinel Value Java Tutorial | What is a Sentinel Value in Java | Examples, How to Retrieve Data From Database and Display it in JTable Using Java Swing, How to Install MySQL Workbench on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu Operating Systems Properly, How to Use Android Studio for Beginners – Android Studio Overview, How To Create AVD in Android Studio – Android Virtual Device, Learn Android Programming Step By Step for Beginners (2019). The Udacity courses I recommended, quickly teach you how to use the XML Editor in Android Studio to create a simple layout with text, images, buttons and then add some basic functionality to them. I’m glad you like it! And even though Google promotes Kotlin heavily, they are not planning to drop Java support, both are meant to be equally valid first-class languages which can do the same things that the other can (although Kotlin might make some things easier). Take a look at the official Android website. But the Android Developers Blog alone is not enough to keep you up to date about everything, because there are small news and noteworthy changes happening every day. Lets look at some of the secondary skills you need to have. Native Android development will not become obsolete soon, and once you have experience with it, learning another language or framework will become easier. Android Studio Tutorials For Beginner – Step By Step: Below are the tutorials links on Android Studio: Start New Project – Learn how to start or create a new project in Android Studio; Open Project – Learn how to open projects and recent project; Reopen, Close & Save Project – Learn more about how to open saved projects and close current project in Android Studio. Step 2: Installation of Java Development Kit (JDK) Keep writing and making videos and am here to follow u everywhere. Ideally, you would ask for hints and not for complete solutions, unless you are in an emergency situation (like a close deadline). thank you so much for being real and giving real no BS advice! But sometimes it’s also more noise than anything else. how classes, variables and methods work and how to build a simple layout), you don’t really need anyone to hold your hand anymore. Please give me some guideline. To remember the stuff you have to make sure to WRITE a lot of code (not just read it). It doesn’t matter too much which one you pick, because they are only supposed to get you started. Enjoy the coding process as much as possible and don’t hesitate to delete a project and start over again. As I mentioned before, learning programming is not so much about memorizing a particular language, because the language is just a tool. The real learning happens on your own, as you will see later. Like I have to learn MVVM, RxJava, 3rd party libraries as well as practice core basic things. There seems to be a lot of confusion about the “correct” way to start, which is no wonder given the vast amount of resources available. It’s 10x easier than Android studio for creating apps, but it will also teach you the general principals of Android development should you want to move to Android Studio at a later stage. I definitely feel that way. It’s not like you later have to start from zero because you accidentally picked the wrong starting language or platform. Android was developed by the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google, and other companies. Now, when I say that you should try things out yourself first, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t ask any questions ever. the more you search in Google) you will figure out yourself which sources are useful and which waste your time. If you enjoy that, do it for the whole length of the course and take your time. As mentioned earlier, the more basic the course is, the less likely it is to get outdated because the basics don’t change that much. There are other good Android beginner books and courses, but right now I don’t really see why you should pay 30 bucks for something that you can get for 0$. 2 GB of available disk space minimum, 4 GB Recommended (500 MB for IDE + 1.5 GB for Android SDK and emulator system image). The Udacity courses I recommended, quickly teach you how to use the XML Editor in Android Studio to create a simple layout with text, images and buttons and then add some basic functionality to them. Damn this is a massive article. But if I find better ones, I will post an update! Just be patient and don’t get frustrated. To test whether you have successfully set the path or not you need to open the command prompt ( windows key + r, then type cmd and hit enter) and type. With time (i.e. Learning programming is difficult and you need to figure out ways to stay motivated in the long run. Visit the official Android Developer website. At this stage, trying to figure out everything on your own with Google searches is just too difficult and confusing. You don’t have to sit down and study each concept in theory before you can apply it, just learn it along the way. Next, click on the Finish button and start the Android studio. Also, I think they got some updates, at least in the text parts. however, Android Studio is still far too complicated for many beginners. It’s not working.”. Here is a link to the first part of the series. I don’t have a problem with paying money for learning resources, but I always found Google search and shorter tutorials to be a more effective way of learning. In my case it is…. This is a slow and lazy approach that will ultimately not teach you very much. The first skill that you need to learn is a programming language, and you need to know one of these programming languages either Java or Kotlin. It’s fine. At this point, you could theoretically build native Android apps without learning any Java at all. Even better, use different class-, method- and variable names, change the layout and build the example slightly different from the one you see in the course. Copy it into Google! But these questions should be well-thought-out and narrowed down to a particular problem. After you Click on the Install button, it will start to install the Android Studio in your system. Login form in Java Swing With Source Code. Either because you want to use it in an app or because you think it helps you getting hired. A big part of the code bases of big companies is written in Java, and so there are disproportionately more open job positions for Java than for Kotlin (I show some numbers in the post mentioned above). This is much more fun than spending your time solving boring book exercises where you try to create Christmas trees with if-statements. Intel i5 or higher (U series or higher) recommended. Ideally, you should create apps that get you excited and maybe solve one of your own problems, but don’t get hung up on “finding the right idea”. Generally, the best way to learn programming, is by building your own projects and researching every step and problem that comes up along the way. No matter how you learn, try to be consistent with it. I … However, I want to give you a few ways to stay up to date with the latest events in the Android development world (which then helps you pick more specific sources). However, chances are you will become bored and frustrated pretty quickly and the coding exercises will feel like math homework. There is simple content, difficult content and outright confusing content, and it can feel really hard to estimate if you’re actually making progress or if you’re just wasting your time.


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