What one word did he use to describe his standing toward God? Jesus react? Acts Chapter 22. 4. What is the "scourge" (Acts 22:25) that wasn't lawful And the Lord said unto me, Arise, and go into Damascus; and there it shall be told thee of all things which are appointed for thee to do.”. How severely had Paul persecuted them? Is it true that Paul had consented to the murder of Stephen? (Acts 22:29) withdraw from him? Why did the Roman commander want to scourge Paul? Several factors must be considered. Why did God tell Paul to leave Jerusalem? for a Roman to suffer? The Lord told Paul to depart and he would send him far to whom? 1:10), had similar revelations. We see, that when Paul was a new Christian, God had warned him that these Jews would not accept him or his new found relationship with God. Acts 22:21 “And he said unto me, Depart: for I will send thee far hence unto the Gentiles.”. There, Paul Now Paul has said an unforgivable thing to these Jews. He calls some of them brethren, which is true, because they are his Jewish brothers. “A trance”: Paul was carried beyond his senses into the supernatural realm to receive revelation from Jesus Christ. He is saying here, that he actually okayed the killing of Stephen. Why did the crowd of Jews keep "all the more silent" (Acts Since Jesus spoke only to Paul, only he understood the Lord’s words. For God to totally reveal Himself to a man or woman, means that He has set them aside to do a great job for the kingdom. Regeneration, not water baptism, washes away our “sins” (Titus 3:5). In his trance in the temple of Jerusalem, did Paul only hear He says that he not only persecuted men, but women as well. This was the fourth of 6 visions received by Paul in Acts (9:3-6; 16:9-10; 18:9-10; 23:11; 27:23-24). Why will what Paul said in verse 14 anger this mob? For instance, in Acts chapter 3 verse 22, Peter appealed to the words of Moses to prove to the Jews that Jesus was the long-awaited Messiah. Acts Quiz 21 ← Previous Lesson. 22:2)? We see that Paul’s argument was one they could surely relate to. 3. This message from Paul, about the Light shining so brightly that it blinded him, should be a warning to all these people listening. 1:17-18). Verses 6-16: The second of 3 New Testament accounts of Paul’s conversion (9:1-19; 26:12-18). Tarsus was the chief city of Cilicia. An important aspect of biblical interpretation is illustrated here: compare Scripture with other Scripture, especially with parallel accounts. I am sure by this time; some eyes were beginning to open and see what they are doing. “Brought up in this city”: Paul was born among the Hellenistic Jews of the Diaspora, but had been brought up in Jerusalem. The experience was unique to the apostles, since only Peter (10:10; 11:5), and John (Rev. With whom should personal testimony be shared? God warned him to leave Jerusalem. Acts 22:3 “I am verily a man [which am] a Jew, born in Tarsus, [a city] in Cilicia, yet brought up in this city at the feet of Gamaliel, [and] taught according to the perfect manner of the law of the fathers, and was zealous toward God, as ye all are this day.”. This Scripture above (if you believe it to be true), separates Paul into a class of a very few men in all of history, such as Moses. Why does it say they kept silent and heard Paul? He had been cruel to Christians everywhere before he was saved, and that is what he is saying here. He starts out by telling them that he is one of them. We need to pray for our leaders. 1:5). That's what the Apostle Paul urges us to do 1 Timothy 2:1-6. Paul is trying to tell them that he was blind physically and spiritually, until God opened his eyes. Paul in a “trance,” was told by God to; “get … out” of Jerusalem quickly. In chapter 21 we see Paul eager to tell about what God is doing among the Jews and Gentiles. These Jews, Paul is telling this to now, are not going to like hearing this. These Jews have already made up their minds (many of them), against Jesus of Nazareth. They are not about to admit that they made a mistake. “His witness”: Paul never wavered in his claim to have seen the risen, glorified Christ on the Damascus road (see note on verse 11). 1. They believe that God is the God of just the Jews. What happened to Paul physically from the Light?


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