G151 Practice for Exposing Nonmetallic Materials in Accelerated Test Devices that Use Laboratory Light Sources. Simulate children wheeled ride-on toys vertically crush the inelastic step 50 x 50 mm at the stable speed of 2m/s±0.2/s, and then check the damage degree. Approvedby:Campbell!Page,!Global!R&A! 2.5 Why is it wrong to say that “The xenon arc lamp used in the light fastness tester can continue to be used as long as it glows normally”? Measurement of colorfastness is a very important factor in textile industry because the resistance of any clothing to fading is what makes it outstanding. High precision imported differential pressure se... 2/F, 23 Building, Xinronghuayuan, Qingnian road, Xiangcheng Region, Zhangzhou City of Fujian PR, 363000, China. They incorporate state-of-the-art controls, including on-the-rack, radio controlled sensor technology for superior monitoring of light and temperature. Equipped with an easy opening door and quick-lock retention bars for the containers to ease loading and unloading. The following two tabs change content below. An accessible point for a toy or article intended for children over 3 years of age is one that can be contacted by any portion forward of the collar of the accessibility probe designated as Probe B . Also available for coatings, paper, paint, paint, rubber, plastic, wood, etc. AATCC 16.3 – Colorfastness to light: Xenon-Arc – provides procedures based on practice ASTM G155 or ISO 4892-2; its ISO counterpart.The ability of a textile material to resist sun exposure can be assessed through accelerated aging by xenon-arc test … It usually depends on the dye penetration in clothes. 3. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Learn how your comment data is processed. nm), the energy can achieve 20 AFU in 21.5 hours. Due to its large test chamber and highly reliable performance, it is ideal for larger capacities or sample sizes. Many factors affect the strength of colorfastness: Colorfastness can be measured by numerous methods, those are discussed in the below: It is a process used to test color fastness to washing or rubbing by an accelerated method. 1 Standard and method for light fastness test In international trade, the most common standards for light fastness test are AATCC 16, ISO 105 B02, ISO 105 B04, ISO 105 B06. ICS Number Code 87.060.10 (Pigments and extenders) UNSPSC Code. Sharp point tester is to determine whether accessible sharp points on child-related products are likely to cause injury. Light Fastness Tester(Air-Cooled, High Temperature) D002B To do color fastness to light and weather test in the color fastness test. ... Procedure: First the samples are conditioned to 65±2 RH humidity and 20±2°c temperature. Xenon Light Fastness Tester can simulate the climate and evaluate sample change after exposing under certain climate condition. 4. Micom offers AATCC 16.3 testing as part of its UV testing services. The following picture shows a typical makeup of a lightfastness test after exposure showing 3 different print samples and the complete Blue Wool Scale: – Standard : ISO B02, AATCC, ASTM and En – Equipment Components : Main Body, Various Sample jigs, Pure manufacture equipment and Other consumables – Chamber material : Stainless steel. Also used to test color fastness against washing of clothes. This test is intended to determine the resistance of color of dyed textile to the action of acidic and alkaline perspiration. Light fastness test is one of the very important test required for consumers. For example, if the lightfastness of the colourant is indicated to be 5 on the Blue Wool scale, it can be expected to fade by a similar amount as the strip number 5 in the Blue Wool test strip set. The humidity and temperature of the test atmosphere are controlled. Surface Abrader: It is a machine used to determine color fastness against frosting. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. For many industries, light fastness testing is a fundamental part of research and development and quality control. TESTEX is one of the leading developers and textile testing equipment manufacturers since 2010, focusing on developing and manufacturing instruments used in textile industry all over the world. Table I: Typical conditions test for the AATCC 16.3 standard. The all stainless steel construction stands up to the hard environment of wet labs, which is reliable and durable. (The * indicates that the ISO 2135 testing was abandoned because there was “no observed fading.”) It is used to access colorfastness visually. The garments which come into contact with the body where perspiration is heavy may suffer serious local discoloration. TESTEX textile testing instrument is your reliable choice. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Indeed, not all materials are affected evenly when exposed to a certain light source or to various environmental factors. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Xenon Light Fastness Tester, which is also called xenon arc chamber or xenon weatherometer, is used to test light fastness, weather fastness, light aging and other tests of textiles, paints, dyes, coatings, rubber, plastics, wood flooring and paper and etc. Color light box/Color matching cabinet, to do color matching or assessment for all industries and applications where there is a need to maintain color consistency and quality. CONTACT TESTEX  Over a certain period of time, although xenon arc lamp is still “normal” light, in fact, the performance index of the xenon arc lamp is no longer in line with the test requirements, the test result is not reliable. An accessible point for a toy or article intended for children 3 years of age or less is one that can be contacted by any portion forward of the collar of the accessibility probe designated as Probe A . This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Also available for coatings, paper, paint, paint, rubber, plastic, wood, etc. After the test is over, it stops automatically and the equipment should move to the initial mode. Simultaneously, another equivalent test strip set is exposed under a light source defined in the standard. Kindly check your mailbox and confirm your subscription. These apparatus use xenon in a precision gas discharge lamp in a sealed quartz tube as the source of irradiance. ©2016 SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH. User should be able to calibrate easily. TEST METHODS AATCC 16 Option 1 or 3* The AATCC 16 Option 1 and 3 are test methods of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC). The colour fastness following exposure to light of a material is defined as the level of change in colour it undergoes when exposed to light (ISO 105 B02:1994).This … The following table provides test conditions for each of the options. This device is manual style and equipped with digital counter for counting. T001 Sharp edge tester is used to determine whether the accessible edges on child-related products are likely to cause potential risk of injury after normal use and reasonable abuse. The best way to test. Many thanks for your informative article. example a print sample with a low light fastness can be assessed, even though the test had to be extended because a sample with a much higher light fastness also was present. It is a very important factor in assessment of quality of clothing. This is a machine used to test colorfastness against sunlight. The light passes through a series of filters to ensure that its spectrum (wavelength make-up) closely matches that of natural daylight through glass. The latter emits radiations from below 270 nm in the UV to the visible spectrum and the infrared. Required fields are marked *. T011 Kinetic Energy Tester is used to test the maximum energy produced from projectile toy shoot bullets or launched bows, so as to evaluate ejection articles will cause injury for children or not. As a professional supplier of textile testing equipment, we are committed to helping our users improve textile quality in the right way. ICS Code. Light Fastness Testing is a good way for brands and product designers to experiment with a range of new products – and know they’ve got them right before launching them. First, what is the correct testing method for textiles? Light fastness tester or color fastness tester is a laboratory instruments for color blind test technique to determine the color fastness to light of textiles and garments against sunlight. Send email: Thank you! Among them, GB/T 8427 formally implemented the latest method GB/T 8427-2019 “Textile color fastness test color fastness to artificial light: xenon arc” on July 1, 2020. The testing protocol is based on procedures outlined in ISO 2135-1984 (E), “Accelerated test of lightfastness of coloured anodic oxide coatings using artificial light.” Dyes given a rating of 8* are suitable for outdoor use.


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