Choose your favourite Amul products at great prices. The Amul milk range has a variety of fresh milk to choose from too. Once you order various Amul products online, you can try your hand at cooking various delicious dishes regularly. In fact, you can log on to Flipkart and choose from a wide array of food products offered by Amul. You can also try the Amul Garlic and Herbs salted butter for a tangy flavour. You can look up dishes online or call your mother for various recipes so that you can add this delicious ingredient to your favourite dishes. The Amul food products range also includes milk powders, energy drinks, flavoured milk, and more. Product Name: Amul Low Fat Dahi : Description: Skimmed milk dahi: Packing (Volume) Poly pouch: 200g, 400g, 1Kg and 5Kg Matka: 5Kg and 15Kg Buy the best quality Curd, Indian Butter Milk, Dahi & more online at best prices in India Happy online shopping! Amul, a name that has touched the lives of millions of people in India since its inception has a wide range of products under its banner. So, simply make a list and tick off each box by shopping for everything online. You can rid yourself of fatigue with a refreshing drink, a snack, and a nice warm bath. You can even add butter to buns, dosas, rotis, and more to give the food items more flavour. Amul food products need no introduction. Since it is packed in tamperproof cartons, freshness and zero contamination is also guaranteed. Awsome product, awful restriction of 2 days! Outer Ring Road, Devarabeesanahalli Village, Turmeric Powder, Cinnamon Powder & More, Under ₹299, Product is very nice I wish it was in tin. It is pasteurized in state-of-the-art processing plants and pouch-packed to make it conveniently available to consumers. It can be used in salads, ice creams and sweets and even in the preparation of certain curries and sauces. The cream is stored and packaged efficiently to ensure long shelf life. In fact, you can log on to Flipkart and choose from a wide array of food products offered by Amul. As the person had delivered at the door step, I couldn’t verify the product and ultimately the whole packet went to the bin. They’ve been around for years, they taste delicious, and they are enjoyed by many throughout the country. Many of these food products can be used to make delicious food so that you can treat yourself and your loved ones to different varieties of dishes. With Amul ghee at home, you can make lip-smacking biryani, curries, desserts, and more at home. Amul Lite : Description: Amul Lite Milk Fat Spread is India's 1st Milk Fat spread and the only one that is made wholly from Milk and does not contain any vegetable oil unlike other fat spreads available in market. In fact, you can grate Amul cheese onto your homemade pizza and savour it. This product will help you make delicious desserts without worrying about the extra calories. Make authentic Indian sweets and savouries using Amul ghee and see your loved ones singing praises of your culinary skills. E-Invoice Compliance for bigbasket Vendors. Calcium strengthens our bones and teeth and hence, makes our body strong and healthy. Shopping sites also have frequent festive sales, so you can buy a range of products at the best prices. It contains approx 20% lower fat and calories than butter or margarine. You can use the butter to start your pasta or spaghetti sauce. Please check the manufacturing date and packaging properly for all tetrapack products. Proteins are very essential for our body. Product Name: Amul Masti Dahi: Description: Curd made from Pasteurised Toned Milk. Amul Fresh Cream - 25% Milk Fat Low Fat About the Product Made by using pure and fresh milk cream, Amul fresh cream is sterilized at high temperature and is packed aseptically to ensure safety for consumption, freshness and retention of health benefits. Toned milk can be consumed to get all its nutritional benefits without worrying about excessive fat content.


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