Once data have been gathered employ robust analysis skills to interrogate and decode the findings. After you’ve done your market research, it'll be clear to you who you want to... 2. © 2020 imsmarketing | All Rights Reserved. In fast-changing industries such as technology, a report that’s even a year or two old could already be outdated. When done correctly it can help to enlighten your marketing activities – such as understanding the requirements of your target audience, helping to understand what key messages you should convey and how to convey them. Based on the data, strategies are devised, decisions are made, and policies are created. An end-user is a customer that will actually use your products or services on a day-to-day basis. Many of these are freely available in libraries, business groups and trade associations. A limited budget is a common problem in marketing. Where before you had to rely on face-to-face interviews, telephone surveys, or lengthy online questionnaires, now it’s all about short online surveys, instant case studies aided by technologies, and focused groups that are already available on your social media channels. Planning and conducting market research is a critical component of any business. Will you be able to reach more people who are likely to buy from you? With market research, you’ll be able to determine the specific directions you want to grow your customer base. Case studies are usually qualitative research methods; however, you can incorporate a mixed approach with a quantitative questionnaire thrown in for additional information. It can also help you to invest in ideas that have the most potential to succeed based on what customers are looking for and what the market is lacking. We use market research for a variety of reasons, it helps us make educated decisions for example determining the feasibility of launching a new product before dedicating time and budget into the new venture. Effective sampling techniques for market research, Five tips for presenting your business ideas, Four basic research methods for business start-ups, How to develop a market positioning strategy, How to identify market trends for long-term business planning, Primary market research Vs Secondary market research, Qualitative and quantitative research for small business, The Lean Startup business model explained, We’ve been helping entrepreneurs like you for a decade – here’s how we do it. Accurate market research helps you identify business areas that are performing well, those that need more attention, and also those that you should perhaps give up. Become a Contributor in The Weekly Trends. So, while research in one geographic location will yield certain results this may not be replicated in another location. Market Research can significantly help your marketing strategy as it helps to provide key insights and information to the business. Now that we know what market research is and what different kinds it has, it’s time to learn why it is important, and why you should invest in it if you want to become a successful entrepreneur. With research helping your business, you are better informed about areas to invest in, gauge the potential success of new products, test new markets to expand into, and to determine what kinds of products/services will be most favored by your customers. It can also help in clearing up any queries that you have while still providing you with sufficient first-hand strategy that helps in progressing the business, also known as SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). Let us be honest here – marketing research and marketing in general is not an easy venture to get into, especially with all the multitasking that happens today. Here is a great resource on how you can go about it. Without it, you can become stagnant and a sitting-duck for a more ambitious rival. What Is The Definition Of An Entrepreneur? The research carried out after the launch of a new product can help you find loopholes and devise plans to counter that loss and increase the profits. It isn’t as expensive as you think and doesn’t take that much time. Market research is important for your business because it provides you with the following opportunities: 1. When research findings are determined, make sure to not take these in isolation. You may make mistakes along the way even if you have sufficient information, but it is better to be prepared.’. These are some of the budgetary tasks that your market research can help with: Everybody is into social media and through this medium to expose your business products and services. 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The car-maker’s new boss is unfazed by the marque’s record of guzzling fortunes — and unimpressed with his predecessor. You can also use market research to learn ways you can reduce expenses without hurting the business, find out how to amplify your digital marketing or introduce a new employee incentive program. Here is a list outlining the main benefits of investing in marketing research: It helps businesses strengthen their position. The websites that were offering this service were patchy at best and not intuitive at all. Product placement is everything to get maximum exposure. How to Not Feel Bad When People Unsubscribe From Your List, Louis Vuitton: The 166-Year-Old Brand That Keeps Attracting the Young, How to Tell People You’re Good Without Bragging, ‘Positioning’ For B2B Organisations: A Primer, How I Would Market Myself If I Was a Tailor. And thus, Instagram was born. It is a qualitative method of research and allows you to bring together a group of individuals that can take part in a guided form of discussion. Good market research strategies will clear doubts you may have on the identification of these customers, including their gender, ages, locations, and so on. Secondary research is using somebody else’s primary research for your business purposes. If you’re on a budget, going to one of those agencies may help you out a lot as most of that research is freely available to the public. Build in questions that validate other parts of the questionnaire. There are four important steps to any successful market research study: Most new businesses will encounter three different types of customer; market research gives you the ability to understand how your target customers think and adapt to their needs in order to turn them into regular customers and brand advocates. The most important focus of sales forecasts is helping a business keep adequate inventory, an action which regulates the balance of demand and supply. Market research can identify how customers and potential customers might view your business and identify gaps in customer expectations. Research that is already conducted, organized, and published is often used by small businesses to gauge market trends, current economies, and to devise plans. Monopolies do not exist anymore in this day and age, so every business has fierce competition all around it. All of this is only possible after conducting market research. And now, you need to do the same if you want to stay in the game. Examine the macro environment also (such as language, cultural, economic, political situations) to validate the findings. Conducting market research helps you identify those areas. Market research proves to be effective at reducing risks that you incur or the losses your business may suffer, as long as it has concrete findings to back it. With regular research, you can not only learn to anticipate their next move but be in a better position to avert any possible damage from their end. What do they need? What are the benefits of market segmentation? Many new businesses start off as an idea in the mind of an aspiring entrepreneur or business owner. It involves reaching out to your target market, asking them questions, collecting data, and analyzing the information gathered. Furthermore, it will help you find the weaknesses in your competitor’s approach. To know which risks to take and when to take the plunge are attributes of successful innovators.


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