Nutanix/4u (AOS version 5.1 or later) admin (AOS version 5.0 or earlier) vSphere client. Read more: Nutanix In-Place Hypervisor Conversion | ESXi – AHV. Shutdown the CVM to ensure Nutanix HA forwards VMs data requests to an active CVM in the Nutanix cluster. Log on to the vCenter Server from vSphere Web Client. Step 3: After putting Nutanix vSphere ESXi host / node in maintenance mode shutdown the Nutanix CVM. Wait for 5 -10 minutes to boot up the vCenter and Guest VMs. Login to host’s Nutanix CVM and Shutdown through following command:. Note: Wait to boot the VMware ESXi hosts / nodes and Nutanix CVM should be pingable. If you have a newer version and you want to shutdown a node in the cluster, make sure that you follow the correct shutdown process depending on your hypervisor, here are the instructions for each: AHV, ESXi, hyper-v or Citrix. If it doesn’t turn “OK” then connect to Nutanix support. ESXi - checks for any vmknic in the same subnet as eth0/eth2 ; ESXi - verify connectivity to ESXi Hypervisor. Run the command $ cvm_shutdown -P now. Arrêter la CVM Nutanix proprement / Cvm_shutdown Lorsque vous éteignez une CVM pour maintenance ou lorsque vous la rebooter et que vous utiliser les commandes classiques sudo shutdown ou sudo reboot, les IOs des VMs “hébergées” par la CVM sont redirigés violemment sur les autres CVM du cluster. All CVM lines should show as Up state. Step 5: Login to any Nutanix CVM and stop the Nutanix cluster to run following command: Step 6: Login to each Nutanix CVM and Shutdown through following command: Note: Do not power off, reset, or shutdown the Controller VM in any way other than the cvm_shutdown -P now command to ensure that the cluster is aware that the Controller VM is unavailable. ESXi host. From Local or Remote Tech Support Mode, or from an SSH session, run one of these commands. To be sure that the CVM has shutdown, ping it, so you know that it is powered off or check Nutanix Prism that the CVM in focus is turned off. to using Nutanix Prism Supports Top 5 Web Browsers. Shut down the host. ESXi host. After shutdown / stop the Nutanix vsphere cluster, need to shutdown the all ESXi nodes / hosts as shown below: Step 7: Now put each ESXi host / node in maintenance mode then shutdown each Nutanix VMWare ESXi node / host to follow procedure: To enter maintenance mode from the vSphere Web Client: OR – From Direct Console User Interface ( DCUI ). SSH client or console. Once the host is UP, take it out of maintenance mode. If you are using Nutanix HCI with VMware vSphere ESXi hypervisor and want to manually stop / start / shutdown the Nutanix vSphere cluster / ESXi host / ESXi node with Best practice. admin. Just need to take care few things before shutdown / stop / start the Nutanix ESXi node / host / cluster. Hyper-HCI Tech is open-share platform to Publish trending technology Blogs on Virtualization, Nutanix, VMware, Google, Cloud, AWS, Azure etc. Step 2: Start Nutanix HCI Cluster to login to any Nutanix CVM and run following command: Step 3: Now Login to Nutanix Prism and power-on the vCenter VM and other Guest VMs. SSH into the node being shutdown; From the command line, issue the following command: cvm_shutdown -P now. Log on to the AHV host with SSH. nutanix@cvm$ cvm_shutdown -P now; Shut down the host. Browse to the host in the vSphere Web Client navigator. Confirm that the ESXi host has shut down. If you wan to shutdown the single Nutanix VMWare vSphere ESXi node / host then follow this procedure: Login to Nutanix Prism Web based Console and follow Steps, Step 1 : First – Check Nutanix cluster “Data Resiliency Status” That must be “OK”.


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