A tower constructed at that same time survives within the complex of the monastery, and is the site of the Chapel of the Life-giving Spring. In the eighteenth centuries, Sinai dependencies were established in Egypt, Asia Minor, Palestine, Romania, Russia, Georgia, and as far away as India. Mary and the Child Icon (13th Century) Saint Catherine's Monastery, Sinai, Egypt ( Wikimedia Commons ) Due to the departure of the Romans in the second half of the 4th century AD, lawlessness descended on the region, and the monastic communities eventually sought the aid of the Byzantine emperor. The Ottoman rulers confirmed the prerogatives of the monastery and the Archbishop of Sinai. She was renowned … Armed Forces & Ustasha Badges, Awards, Other, Customs Service Awards & Insignia & Other, Groups & Single Decorations For Gallantry, Royal Air Force Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, Groups & Single Victorian Campaign Medals (1837-1901), Groups & Single Campaign Medals (1902-Present), Colonial Auxiliary Forces Medals & Decorations, Groups & Single Campaign Medals 1902-present, Groups & Single Victorian Campaign Medals 1837-1901, Groups & Single Decorations for Gallantry, A Gentleman's Collection; A Comprehensive Selection of 20th Century American Gallantry & Casualty Awards, A Fine Collection of American Society & Association Membership Badges, eMedals Presents a Gentleman's Collection; Germany 1933-1945, The Notable Figures Auction Series - The Estate of SS-Obergruppenführer Arthur Seyss-Inquart, The F.W. Yet at this time of isolation and hardship, the monks were consoled by the recovery of the relics of Saint Catherine and their translation to the monastery. He appointed his mother Helen as Augusta, and gave her unlimited access to the imperial treasury, requesting that the Church of the Holy Sepulchre be adorned with precious marbles, and its ceiling coffered and gilded. The investiture . 496 likes. An Order of Saint Catherine of Mount Sinai, Grand Cross Star, c.1870; ... angels transported her body to the peak of Mount Sinaï where it rests in the seventeen-hundred-years-old Monastery of Saint Catherine. Battle of Varna, Christopher Columbus, History, Legends, Lithuania, Order of Saint Catherine of Sinai, Poland, Wladyslaw III Jan Matejko, Wladyslaw III at Varna , (Detail), 1879. To this day, the fathers of Sinai commemorate the sovereigns Justinian and Theodora at every Liturgy as the founders of the holy monastery. Dr. Goodwin had a successful career as an educator and prominent physician in New York as well as actively serving in both World Wars with the United States Medical Corps. They maintain the ancient spiritual heritage of Sinai, a heritage that extends from the giving of the Law, through the whole of the Old and New Testaments, to the multitude of saints whose memory has been enshrined at Sinai – above all, to the All-holy Theotokos, to the holy prophets Moses and Elias, and to Saint Catherine. These all served as important educational centers, promoting religious and spiritual activities. The one said, “For the salvation of our most august emperor Justinian.” The other says, “For the memory and repose of our departed empress Theodora.” The empress Theodora died in the year 548, and the basilica is first mentioned by Procopius, writing about the year 556. In subsequent history, the number of monks at Sinai declined, so that in the ninth century the brotherhood numbered no more than thirty. Any future Noble Knight or Dame must have some of these qualities. It is said that angels transported her body to the peak of Mount Sinaï where it rests in the seventeen-hundred-years-old Monastery of Saint Catherine. The monastery received the support of numerous rulers during this time, both Christian and Moslem. Knight's Order of St. Catherine with Mount Sinai. If another auction participant places a bid for $125 dollars, the auction lot price will display $121 dollars having exceeded your previously submitted maximum bid by $1.00 dollar. Your entered maximum bid will not be disclosed to the seller or other auction participants at any point. Centered at the site of the Burning Bush, the early anchorites settled throughout the south Sinai, where the traces of their chapels and cells can be seen to this day. St. Catherine's Monastery is a monastery on the Sinai peninsula, at the foot of Mount Moses (Mount el-Deir), also Mount Sinai, in Egypt.It was built at the site where Moses is believed to have seen the Burning Bush, which is alive and on the grounds.Though it is commonly known as Saint Catherine's, the actual name of the monastery is the Monastery of the Transfiguration. During the seventeenth century, the dependencies of the Holy Monastery of Sinai were extended, especially to Greece, and these played important roles in cultural and educational activities. The Crusades and the establishment of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem (AD 1099-1270) promoted the monastery as a place of pilgrimage, thus ending the earlier isolation that had lasted for some 350 years. The monastery became the goal of pilgrims from all over the Christian world, and numerous dependencies of the monastery were founded in the Middle East and in Europe. Click Here It was at this same time that monks from Syria and Georgia came to Sinai, seeking refuge, and bringing with them precious manuscripts. Footnote: Saint Catherine was born at el-Iskandariya (Alexandria), Egypt, in the late third Century. This is an opportunity for new members to profess their devotion to our patron saint, Catherine of Sinai, to their peers. The Ottoman conquest of Egypt in 1517 brought the Holy Monastery of Sinai under the protection of Sultan Selim I, and reunited the monastery with the Orthodox patriarchates, as it had been in the days of the early Christian Empire. The second millennium of the history of the monastery is characterized by its recognition throughout the Christian and Moslem worlds. Our medal represents the eight points of the Maltese or Almafi cross, meaning the eight beatitudes taught by Christ in his Sermon on the Mount. Two inscriptions dating from that time are carved into the beams of the basilica. ​Recognize the Christian foundations of the Order; Support our objectives by his or her devotion and his or her annual membership fees to the Priory; Attend regular investiture and activities of his or her Priory. Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price." Saint Catherine, Patron Saint of the Holy Monastery of Sinai. The flourishing of Sinai monasticism was greatly aided by the command of the Emperor Justinian (who reigned from 527-565 AD) to construct a great basilica at the site of the Burning Bush, and high surrounding walls. Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Knights of St. Catherine of Sinai must comply with the general requirements described below. This offering is a part of the "Dr. Albert Goodwin Collection", a preeminent assemblage of world Orders, Medals, and Decorations composed solely by Dr.Goodwin between 1946-1967. The founder of the Order and her husband were well-known for creating orders for financial gain and social prestige and he seems to have started life named ‘Kafta’ and to have become a Maronite priest before taking on a royal title.


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