This was first spoken unto the Jews; for this laughter was first offered to that people, then having the promises. Jerusalem, Judah, Israel, were led away captives, no less than Zion. Shall reap in joy. A sojourning: "He that now goeth on his way. this yet greatens those "great things." Luke-Acts They sow in faith;and God will bless that seed: it shall grow up to heaven, for it is sown in the side of Jesus Christ who is in heaven. Ver. Soon, the fruitful harvest reaping, Amen. And we have been made glad.". And yet for the Lord to do "great things" for us! This is the seventh step, and we may therefore expect to meet with some special perfection of joy in it; nor shall we look in vain. Then in a fuller sense than even at Pentecost our old men shall see visions, and our young men shall dream dreams: yea, all things shall be so wonderful, so far beyond all expectation, that those who behold them shall ask themselves whether it be not all a dream. They that were laughed at, now laugh, and a new song is put into their mouths. Indeed, the passage is not applicable to captives in Babylon, for it is Zion itself which is in captivity and not a part of her citizens: the holy city was in sorrow and distress; though it could not be removed, the prosperity could be diminished. Verses 5-6.—Mind we the undoubted certainty of our harvest verified by divers absolute positive asseverations in the text: "he shall reap;" "he shall come again;" "he shall bring his sheaves with him." Verse 1.—"We were like them that dream." That they are done: not against us, but "for us.". Do not let us forget the past, but in the presence of our present difficulty let us resort unto the Lord, and beseech him to do that for us which we cannot possibly do for ourselves, —that which no other power can perform on our behalf. And if after our sowing of tears we find no harvest of joy at all, we may be well assured that either our seed was not good, or else some of the mischances are come upon them, which came upon the seed that came to no good in the thirteenth of Matthew (Mat 13). We were like them that dream. Psalms 126:5. This people was in Zion, and, after the outward show of the kingdom and priesthood, did mightily flourish; but if a man consider them according to the spirit, he shall see them to be in miserable captivity, and that their tongue is full of heaviness and mourning, because their heart is terrified with the sense of sin and death. "You shall sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel" (Matthew 19:28-29); all that you have lost shall be centupled to you: "and you shall inherit everlasting life"; this is the harvest. —Andrew A. Bonar, in "Christ and his Church in the Book of Psalms", 1859. Joy! David, Mary Magdalene, Peter: as if they had made good the proverb, "No coming to heaven with dry eyes." Verse 1.—We were like them that dream. This maketh Zion's captivity to be mentioned chiefly, as chiefly regarded by God, and to be regarded by his people. Historical Books As in thirsty channels meeting Verse 1. This is very expressive of a gospel minister's life; he goeth forth with the everlasting gospel which he preaches; he sows it as precious seed in the church of God; he waters it with tears and prayers; the Lord's blessing accompanies it; the Lord crowns his labours with success; he has seals to his ministry; and at the last day he shall doubtless come again with joy from the grave of death "bringing his sheaves with him;" and will, in the new Jerusalem state, be addressed by his Lord with, "Well done, good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.". 6. He drops a seed and a tear, a seed and a tear, and so goes on his way.


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