Content is only half the battle in retail personalization. Notes: The company created separate email sequences for each audience type. This may not seem like a massive approach to deliver a personal experience, but it creates a more seamless checkout for the user and brings them one step closer to the purchase. She closed by saying that I could call or text if I needed anything else. As this field of one-to-one marketing continues to evolve, it becomes less product focused and more customer focused as more shoppers expected engagement based on their unique needs and interests. The address will provide the basis for location-based recommendations. Cook up ways to let shoppers add their personal touch to items that they’ve purchased from you. Pre-configured templates for client-side experiments and personalizations. However, timing and carefully choosing the products you promote are key to making your retargeting effort worthwhile. You may not be able to let shoppers build products, but that doesn’t mean you can’t inject a bit of personalization into their experience. Stitch Fix asks customers a series of questions to gauge their style and a stylist hand picks five items for the shopper. With a seemingly limitless product database, finding what you want on Amazon can be quite difficult. By giving customers a certain degree of autonomy with design, Nike is giving customers the freedom to express their individuality, even while the company continues to produce the same style shoe around the world. According to Baymard, 25% of test visitors scroll down and back up the homepage to gauge the site’s product offerings. Customers feel valued and understood by the retailer when seeing emails and recommended “picks” that are tailored to their interests. Looking ahead, retailers expect to increase their investment in personalization by 18%, on average, over the next three years. 4 While 92% of consumers try to discover new products and do their own research. All of this is done with low effort from the customer and they benefit from a completely personalized experience that’s simple and efficient. The quiz not only helps provide personalized choices for the user, it also harvests user information that Warby Parker can follow up with. Make your website work overtime - so you don't have to. You can also cross-sell on the product page by offering complementary items, which are likely to inspire the user to increase their order size. Personalization is a method of adding value to customer choice. If a visitor looks at a product, he or she might be looking for something similar or in the same category. My visit to the Aesop store in Silver Lake, CA, was one of my favorite retail experiences of 2018. See “About Our Research.”). FURTHER READING: Learn how to leverage data from your point-of-sale system to make more sales. Specialty retailers (which focus more on category selling with an omnichannel approach) fell somewhere in between. By Mark Abraham, Robert Archacki, Josep Esteve González, and Stefano Fanfarillo. The US retail giant Target decided to up its personalized campaign game by assigning each customer a guest identification number on their first interaction with the brand. They increase the chance of a user making a purchase. But so far, most retailers have not gotten as much traction from their personalization initiatives as they could have. So, creating a loyalty program is a fantastic way to not only reward your customers, but also to understand how they interact with your products then use this data to create hyper-personalized marketing campaigns to give customers more of what they want. The campaign was globally recognized and started the ball rolling for other brands such as Marmite. Modern consumers expect retailers to customize their efforts based their needs, and many shoppers are willing to fork up their data in exchange for personalized experiences. What’s notable about their effort is that Sephora told me that they used my purchase history to make their recommendations. Although complying with GDPR is critically important, it can be an intensive effort, requiring companies to divert critical resources from other important personalization initiatives. , supporting the notion that consumers engage with brands that address them by their first name (albeit in a rather broad sense!) According to a study conducted by BCG and commissioned by Google, customers increasingly prefer a shopping experience that’s easy and fast and that helps them make purchase decisions. This site uses cookies and other tracking technologies to assist with navigation and your ability to provide feedback, analyze your use of our products and services, assist with our promotional and marketing efforts, and provide content from third parties. Additionally, most retailers haven’t sufficiently addressed the risks associated with poor customer data management. Enfagrow packed the email with tips on dealing with toddlers as well as relevant product recommendations. emembering the customers’ preferred size (based on previous purchases) instantly shows the brand’s attentiveness while making checkout even more simple. This tool uses two data points—the retailer’s personalization maturity rating and the revenue lift that retailers reported receiving as a result of their personalization efforts—to categorize companies into one of four performance tiers: In addition, BCG created the Personalization Value Calculator. For instance, such infrastructure enables companies to implement predictive algorithms (which help retailers make personalized product recommendations and offers) and to access integrated customer data in real time (which helps them develop deep insights into customer behavior and respond quickly). If you’re not doing this yet, then let this example from Sephora inspire you. In many cases, a thoughtful gesture is more than enough to strike a personal connection with your customers. The customer can view results close to the search query (which may include those based on past queries). Most shoppers (59%) believe it is easier to find interesting products in personalized online retail stores than in department stores. Stitch Fix stresses the importance of feedback, even for items that customers keep items, so that this data can continue to inform the company of what works and what doesn’t. Amazon . Why it works:  These gifts show the appreciation Net-A-Porter has for its customers and helps to bring the luxury shopping experience online. Keep this example in mind the next time you’re using someone’s information and purchase history. Moreover, owing to a lack of scale, smaller pure-play retailers often don’t have sufficient data to power the algorithms needed for automating product recommendations effectively. Despite being a huge brand, Nike has created a great loyalty program that engages customers and stokes their excitement about buying Nike products. For more information, and to discuss the specifics of your label and application, contact us using the form below. While many sites recommend products based on what the user is currently viewing, suggesting complementary products for items already in the cart or based on the product being viewed takes ecommerce personalization to another level. If you have the opportunity to do so, give your shoppers the ability to create their own products. Whichever way you go, it is important to ensure that your site has the right foundation before engaging in personalization. And with each customer interaction, the brand gains insights into how to improve its product and targeted marketing techniques. Bombfell And many retailers are unclear about which capabilities to build to create a truly personalized experience. Take a look at some of the best personalization examples to help shape your web personalization strategy. Consider Levi’s which. A leading pure-play apparel retailer aiming to move from tier three to tier two exemplifies how companies can use advanced paid media tactics to acquire more customers and bring them to their websites.


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