Although the 545 is much less prominent, it is still available today. My 545's seem to have more detail, sweeter mids and top end than the 57's.... though I often still mindlessly refer to them as 57's. You must log in or register to reply here. (The current version of the 545 has a standard 3-pin XLR connector, even though there were past versions of the 545 that had a much older Amphenol MC4M 4 pin female connector that is no longer popular. Todays SDI is also 75Ω. ... Shure SM57 … Sign up to my free mailing list by clicking here, Production During a Pandemic: Working as a COVID 19 Compliance Officer for a Film Production, Insights and Advice from a COVID-19 Compliance Officer for Pre-production and Production, ART OF THE CUT with “Hillbilly Elegy” editor, James D. Wilcox, ACE, Review: Zoom ZDM-1 dynamic studio microphone or kit, After Effects Classic Course: Refine Edge Tool, Interview with creator of Hooke Lav 48 kHz microphone-transmitter-recorder, Hooke Audio announces bluetooth lav mic with local storage, Review: Saramonic SoundBird T3 shotgun microphone, The current version of the 545 has switchable impedance (high and low), via a jumper. Broadcast Headphones vs Gaming Headphones. However, we all know that they are extremely similar microphones, in fact, they are almost identical. Some links to third parties listed in this article and/or on this web page may indirectly benefit TecnoTur LLC via affiliate programs. Impedance extends the concept of resistance to AC circuits, and possesses both magnitude and phase, unlike resistance, which has only magnitude. Si prefieres, puedes suscribirte a ambas listas (castellano e inglés). The above tests were recorded using the Shure palindromic 545 microphone. Electrical impedance is the measure of the opposition that a circuit presents to a current when a voltage is applied. Although those people didn’t realize why, perhaps the 545 sounded better because it had a better impedance match. For those who are truly interested, here is what Shure's Rick Waller has to say about that assertion: JavaScript is disabled. Again, I have decided to skip SoundCloud and its MP3 encoding for your better listening pleasure. The internal 51E23 transformer has low impedance and high impedance windings, and is what makes the mic so powerful and versatile. More about that ahead in this article. When a circuit is driven with direct current (DC), there is no distinction between impedance and resistance; the latter can be thought of as impedance with zero phase angle. In quantitative terms, it is the complex ratio of the voltage to the current in an alternating current (AC) circuit. Also, do to manufacturing > reasons, it > is impossible to use 57 rejects for the 545. Together with any of the above, if your high impedance preamp has an electronically balanced preamp, rather than a transformer balanced one, and your environment suffers from EMF (electromagnetic interference) or RFI (radio-frequency interference). However, they really weren’t expected to be used with an input impedance that would be 4x and 6x higher the expected approximately 600Ω. I am exclusively publishing an uncompressed WAV file, which I have embedded using the HTML5 audio player code. You’ll find details about that ahead in this article. The "Unidyne 545" is basically an ancestor to the sm 57, the same way the sm 57 came before the Beta 57. They work fine, but their tone will vary, as explained further ahead. My understanding is that you’ll be able to play it in the latest versions of all popular modern browsers, in alphabetical order: Chrome, Edge (which is Microsoft’s replacement for Internet Explorer), Firefox, Opera and Safari. Would these headphones (would this headphone?) The frequencies are "tailored" a bit differently. The predecessor of the 56 and 57 was the 546, not the 545… Many people have written that the 545 sounds the same as the SM57, and some have even written that the 545 sounds better than the SM57. From studios to live performances all over the world, they tend to be the go-to mics. My Shure 545 and Sm57 unidyne lll sound exactly the same to me, pretty decent. [url=][/url]. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Unauthorized use is prohibited without prior approval, except for short quotes which link back to this page, which are encouraged! All television RF systems I have ever dealt with have had a 75Ω impedance with round, unbalanced cabling or a 300Ω with flat balanced cabling, while the CB (citizens band) radio I’ve dealt with had 52Ω. Nowadays, the inputs are very often very high impedance. Here is my review of... © 2020 ProVideo Coalition, a Moviola Company. I’ll include test recordings and clarify the concept of impedance, especially with dynamic mics. On the other hand, the current version of the Shure palindromic 545 (which is the main focus of this article) has switchable impedance. In any of those cases, it’s better to leave the microphone at low impedance, and use a transformer/adaptor at the preamp input, which effectively adds a transformer balanced input and also solves the impedance issue in a single swoop, like resuscitating two birds with a single defibrillator. I vaguely remembering reading somewhere that a SM57 was a selected 545 that was painted black. Six years before Shure released the ubiquitous SM57 dynamic microphone in 1965, the company began to sell its palindromic predecessor, the model 545. ), The only currently available version of the 545 has an on-off switch, whether we want it or not, but no worries: It can be easily locked into the. If you only have Internet Explorer in your computer, either download one of the others or go visit a friend who has one of the other browsers installed and updated. Above you’ll see the Shure A85F, a transformer that allows you to match the low impedance microphone source —even after a long distance or when you have lot’s of EMF or EFI— to an input that is very high impedance and especially if it doesn’t use a transformer, but employs electronic balancing. But before continuing with the impedance matching issues, I’ll introduce you to Matt Rygelski, who will demonstrate how the enormous A81WS windscreen from Shure sonically transforms a US$99 SM57 to sound and behave like a US$399 SM7B, but without being so demanding on the preamp. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. Since the 545 and SM57 … Some of the other manufacturers listed above have contracted Tépper and/or TecnoTur LLC to carry out consulting and/or translations/localizations/transcreations. Others contradict that statement, and say they still sound the same. Audio is much more variable, as covered in the rest of this article. 545 has a copper voice coil whereas the 57 does not. The articles contained in the TecnoTur channel in ProVideo Coalition magazine are copyright Allan Tépper/TecnoTur LLC, except where otherwise attributed. The 545 uses an all copper voice coil, which > makes > it a little heavier than the SM57 coil. All Rights Reserved. Shure SM57: Shure Unidyne III 545 SD: These frequency response graphs pictured above are current, 2009 data based on production models, and they show that the Unidyne III sounds particularly different in the high range - quite possibly giving it a nice boost in that area that many engineers find desirable and "mojo" worthy. As indicated in the article, there are other ways to accomplish the impedance matching if desired. Shure SM57 vs Audio-Technica AT2020 The Shure SM57 is a Dynamic microphone that has a frequency response of 40Hz to 15kHz and it’s designed to record instruments and to be used on … Both the Shure SM57 and the SM58 are two of the most used and best-know microphones out there. However, vintage dynamic microphones in the low impedance range listed above were intended to be within the range, i.e. For example, the MixPre-D mixer from Sound Devices has a 2kΩ (2000Ω) impedance on the XLR inputs when they are set for a microphone source.


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