( Log Out /  Help prepare your client for their first appointment—talk through with them what information they will have to provide, how to get to the appointment and what they will have to take (if appropriate). It is important to be honest on your referral forms but it is also important to keep in mind how information can be misconstrued and used as a weapon against your client. The stranger is attempting to help them cross the road. You could: If you want to use a professional or agency to help you resolve a conflict or to refer conflicting parties to, always check them out first. It is important that the efforts we make for our clients are not wasted. If you ignore their instructions, it sends a bad message and it may stop the staff who accept your referrals from going ‘above and beyond’ for your clients in future. So, if you have written a referral letter for a client that you would not want them to see, think about why. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Referrals that request types of assistance that cannot be acquired (ie. Community Referrals: Partnering with community organizations to provide your services not only builds your business but it builds a sense of pride and an opportunity to give back. 2. As community service workers you will often find yourself in situations where you can’t provide an appropriate or on-going service to your clients. It could also be to sponsor a community event or charity function. For Future Professionals, Textbooks & Materials you do a needs assessment and realise that they need specialised assistance to make sure that their needs are met, your agency does not provide all the services that they need, you are concerned about their physical, social or emotional state or well-being and want a specialised opinion or intervention, there is a change in a person’s physical, emotional or social situation and you need a specialised assessment to get new, different or more services, the person is moving to a new area and needs to be linked to new workers and agencies. Sometimes Giving Your Clients a Phone Number is Not Enough. Don’t give out any identifying details about your client at this stage. Sometimes we’re correct but sometimes we leave a person metaphorically or literally stranded without appropriate supports. The referral process should be aimed at empowering the person so remember to give them as much information as is appropriate to their level of functioning and allow them to do as much as possible for themselves. There is a whole range of agencies that can help when a conflict gets out of control, including unions, non-government agencies, advocacy support services, private consultants, mediators and counsellors. This can work really well for some clients. Aidan showed you his latest school report. Some people with vision impairment have experienced being grabbed by strangers without warning. This type of collaborative work is often useful in community services work as each worker has different areas of expertise that they can offer a client. Working with a women’s shelter providing services for women and their children, or perhaps being involved with local community colleges and their back to work programs. As a social worker, sometimes it feels like making referrals (and writing case notes) is all we do. ( Log Out /  For example, if you are looking to grow hair color sales then perhaps you could offer a complimentary hair cut with the purchase of a new color service. Specialists who often work with people with a disability are neurologists (brain and nervous system), ear nose and throat (ENT) specialists, ophthalmologists (eyes), orthopaedic specialists (bones), psychiatrists (mental health) and paediatricians (children). She gave her client this social worker’s name and suggested the client seek further treatment with this therapist. When the person with vision impairment says “I don’t want to cross here” the ‘Bad Samaritan’ makes a comment like “oh it’s all right!” or “I just like helping people!” and the Bad Samaritan leaves the individual stranded on the wrong side of the road. Helping people to use aids such as walking frames and crutches is another focus of physiotherapists as is teaching people how to prevent further damage to muscles. Consider whether this information is relevant to the request. The following list of things to remember should help you when you are making referrals for a client: If the relationship between you and the client is particularly difficult or tense you might not be able to do all of this and you might just give them information about what other services are available. This might be because your agency policies state that you can only assess clients, or work with clients for a specified timeframe.


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