What Are the Benefits and Dangers of Drinking Distilled Water? A 2014 observational study published in the journal BMJ associated a high milk intake with a higher risk of fractures amongst women. Alkaline water also has a higher pH level than tap water. You can get a pH bottle from the nearest pharmacy or health food store (you can get it online too). There are three ways you can prepare alkaline water at home. Alkaline water is a fairly new product in the water selling business. 4. Drinking regular water with that should keep you in good shape. Before relying solely on any kind of diet or drink as a health aid, talk to your doctor about your symptoms and proposed solutions. The time it takes for plastic waste to decompose on its own takes hundreds of years, which leads to overflowing landfills and highly polluted oceans. is essential for health and well-being. I’m not here to sell you a cure, I’m here to show you scientific evidence suggesting that alkaline water is one of the best natural remedies for gout because of its ability to act as a uric acid reducer. Might Regulate Blood Pressure. Alkaline water is a natural antioxidant that can neutralize harmful radicals in the body. 10 Ways to Control Blood Sugar without Medication, 6 Health Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water. Is alkaline water good for gout? What is alkaline water good for? Although there’s still vagueness around the question of what is alkaline water good for, the important part is that maybe it’s helping people drink more water, in general. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Another common name for alkaline water is ionized water. Helmenstine, A.M., “How Much of Your Body Is Water?” About Education web site; http://chemistry.about.com/od/waterchemistry/f/How-Much-Of-Your-Body-Is-Water.htm, last accessed August 7, 2015. When you start drinking alkaline water, the normal side effects include headaches, fatigue, runny nose, and darker and softer stools. When you drink a lot of alkaline water, you may throw off some pH in your body. A deep yellow color is a sign of dehydration; if your urine is clear or light yellow, then you are likely getting enough water. Privacy Policy / Drinking alkaline water with kidney disease would be considered safe if you maintain a decent amount of intake; around 8 oz a day to not create any issues. Evidence also suggests a handful of other alkaline water benefits: Detoxification is important for removing the accumulation of harmful toxins in the body. By definition, alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular tap water, which many believe helps to neutralize acidity in the body. But hey, if you know someone who has genuinely benefited from alkaline water, you might as well listen to them (after talking to an expert, obviously). Testimonials are not representative of typical outcomes. Every article goes through multiple reviews to ensure this. Free Shipping / Get a pH kit (that comes with pH strips and a color chart). Alkalinity and acidity are both measurements on the pH scale of 1 to 14. Though we don’t have substantial research, some sources say that alkaline water (especially when applied to dry eyes) can help treat the condition. Willcox, D.C., et al., “Genetic determinants of exceptional human longevity: insights from the Okinawa Centenarian Study,” Age 2006; 28(4): 313-332. But most people consume alkaline water that has been through electrolysis, which uses an ionizer to increase the pH of the water. Natural alkaline water occurs when water travels over rocks. The drawback of drinking alkaline water is that it can be expensive, it contributes to plastic waste, and it may be a trend that expires in a few years. Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed*** and may vary from person to person***. Get all the benefits of alkaline water without the extra costs and see what staying hydrated with FloWater’s purified water can do for your health. Dip a strip in the water that you want to alkalize, let it sit for a moment, and then compare it against the color chart. There is no concrete research. But do take care. There are some that say it can help prevent heart disease and boost kidney function, in addition to other health improvements, although there hasn’t been enough scientific evidence to fully support any other proposed benefits than hydration. Regular tap water usually has a pH level of 6.0 to 7.0. Other studies also state that alkaline water supplementation can exert positive effects on the body weight of the individual (9). However, for people living with CKD, you must know what you’re getting yourself into. improve anaerobic exercise performance in athletes. These are the purported (and some researched) benefits of alkaline water. Various studies often reveal short-term benefits. However, when the body is functioning normally, it’s automatically prepared to neutralize acidity from foods and beverages. However, there are products called alkaline ionizers that alkalinize the water during electrolysis. One 2012 study revealed that drinking alkaline water with a pH of 8.8 could deactivate pepsin, which is one of the culprits behind acid reflux (1). About Us / Simply leave a comment below. Koufman, J.A., et al., “Potential benefits of pH 8.8 alkaline drinking water as an adjunct in the treatment of reflux disease,” Annals of Otology, Rhinology, and Laryngology 2012; 121(7): 431-434.


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